Fundraiser for Baby Grand Piano!

KIAC’s is very excited to have the opportunity to purchase a Yamaha Grand Piano for use in the Dënäkär Zho performance space. On top of the purchase, KIAC is responsible for safe transportation of the piano from it’s existing location to the KIAC’s second floor ballroom and we are raising funds to do so!

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Community Spotlight: Kelly Vittrekwa

For our second installment of Community Features, we’ve reached out to Dawson resident Kelly Vittrekwa who will be performing at 7 PM tomorrow in the virtual play ‘Dominion’, with Gwaandak Theatre as part of the free 2020 Indigenous Summer Play Readings.

Kelly shares her passion for performing arts, her first forays into the wild world of Boardwalk Burlesque, and her very first job – working at the Palace Grand Theatre at sixteen years old!

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