Annual Reports & Strategic Planning

KIAC Strategic Plan: 2022-32

KIAC Dënäkär Zho Renovation Report

KIAC is in the planning phases of a major renovation project of KIAC’s building, Dënäkär Zho. Funded by the Government of Yukon’s Community Development Fund and informed a community engagement process, KIAC was able to commission a report and architectural designs for future renovations. These renovations will improve physical accessibility, create private gender-neutral bathroom stalls, expand classroom and workshop spaces, enhance the backstage area for performing arts productions, and improve overall space utilization. You can read the report here or join the Dënäkär Zho Renovation Committee to get involved.

KIAC Annual Report AGM Presentation: 2022-23

KIAC Annual Activity Report: 2022-23

KIAC Annual Report: 2021-22