Youth Art Enrichment

Stay tuned for info about the next YAE Program, March 11-14, 2019!

What is Youth Art Enrichment (YAE)?

Moving into its 18th year, YAE is an annual four-day intensive art program for Yukon youth hosted by the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture in Dawson City.

Artistically-inclined youth (aged 14-18) travel from across the Yukon to take part in intensive workshops with a professional artist. Students will choose one of three courses to study for the duration of the program, in which they will hone their skills through daily exercises and explore creative ways to express their ideas.

When is YAE?

March 11-14, 2019

Students coming from out of town will travel to Dawson from Whitehorse on March 10 and return on March 15. Transportation from Whitehorse will be provided by KIAC.

What workshops are being offered in 2019?

Workshop info for the upcoming program will be posted in early January 2019.

Workshops offered in 2018:
– DIY Printmaking and Screenprinting, with Rian Lougheed-Smith
Lead by local DIY print-master, this immersive workshop will run through a variety of basic concepts that are part of many different printmaking techniques. You’ll work with stencils, stamps, block printing, and screen printing, giving you the skills to print your own posters, shirts, art, signs, stamps. Once you learn these basic skills, the skies the limit! The focus will be on experimenting, “Do It Yourself” skills and recycled and re-purposed tools. In this workshop you will: make stamps, make stencils, learn to silkscreen, and combine techniques to make mixed media pieces.

– Collage and Mixed Media, with Meshell Melvin
This workshop takes a painterly approach to collage, building images in new ways with familiar materials. Collage technique is an excellent vehicle for learning and practicing the elements and principals of design. The mixed media portion of the program takes the collage one step further, incorporating drawing, painting and relief.

– Stop Motion Filmmaking, with Angela Edmunds
Have you ever wondered how they create Wallace & Gromit or those countless Lego movies on YouTube? Come find out! From storyboarding to editing, this workshop will provide participants with a technical introduction to the art of stop motion animation. During the course of the week, participants will experiment with various materials, including felt, wire, Plasticine and Lego, to create their own short stop motion film.

Who can participate in YAE?

YAE is open to youth, ages 14-18, with an expressed interest in the arts.
*If you are in grade 9, but will not turn 14 by the start date of the program, you CAN still apply*

How do you apply?

Applications for the 2019 program will open in late 2018. Stay tuned.

Youth wishing to participate will need to fill out an application form, explaining their interest in art and why they want to participate in the program. They will also need to provide a reference from someone in their community. This can be a teacher, community leader or mentor (but cannot be a family member).

How many youth can participate in the program?

The program can accommodate up to 36 youth.

How much does YAE cost?

The cost to participate is $150, which goes towards hotel expenses. The remaining program costs (food, art supplies, bus transportation from Whitehorse return, instructor wages, etc) are covered through generous sponsorship and KIAC’s core funding.

Payment is only required upon confirmation of acceptance into the program.

**Participants from Dawson attend free of charge.

Is there financial assistance for low-income individuals/families?

Yes! The Participant Financial Assistant Fund is a charitable fund dedicated to assisting Youth Art Enrichment participants pay their participation fee.
To learn more, or to apply: Youth Art Enrichment- Participant Financial Assistance Fund

What are the benefits of participating in YAE?

Too many to list here! YAE provides the opportunity for students to work with a professional artist, focus on a creative discipline of their choice for an intense and sustained period of time and discuss future career and educational options.

What does the week of the program look like? What is the schedule?

2018 Schedule

12 to 6pm – Out of town students/chaperones travel from Whitehorse to Dawson
6 to 7pm – Time to settle into hotel, etc
7 to 8pm – Short intro to the program and evening activity (*participants from Dawson are welcome to attend, but it’s not required).

8am to 8:45am – Breakfast and introduction to workshop instructors/classes, etc
9am to 12pm – Class
12pm to 12:45pm – Lunch
1pm to 4pm – Class
5pm to 6pm – Free time
6pm to 7pm – Dinner
7pm to 9pm – Evening activities
9pm – Back to hotel to chill before bed
11pm – Lights out

Tuesday & Wednesday:
8am to 8:45am – Breakfast
9am to 12pm – Class
12pm to 12:45pm – Lunch
1pm to 4pm – Class
5pm to 6pm – Free time
6pm to 7pm – Dinner
7pm to 9pm – Evening activities
9pm – Back to hotel to chill before bed
11pm – Lights out

8am to 8:45am – Breakfast
9am to 12pm – Class
12pm to 12:45pm – Lunch
1pm to 4pm – Class
4pm to 6pm – Free time
6pm to 7:30pm – End of program Dinner!
7:30pm to 9:30pm Art Exhibition/Evening activity
9:30pm – Back to hotel to chill before bed
11pm – Lights out

9am to 10pm – Breakfast and packing up hotel rooms (Dawson participants are welcome to attend breakfast but it’s not a requirement)
10am to 4pm – Out of town students/chaperones travel back to Whitehorse

Student Testimonials:

“The program was very immersive and enriching- it really taught me new skills in art.”

“I loved my time here, I will be recommending it to my friends for next year.”

“10/10! Who would’ve thought learning could be this fun?”

“My experience here was so much fun, I love people across the Yukon! I had fun catching up with old friends and making new ones.”

“My favourite thing about the program was the night activities and workshops.”

“I really enjoyed the program, it was lots of fun.”

“The instructors/organizers were amazing!”

“Great experience to have as an artist.”

“Food was amazing!”

“Meals were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”

How would you rate your instructor?: “10! She was helpful and I think she made everyone feel very confident with their work.”

How would you rate your instructor?: “1,000,000”

How would you rate your instructor?: 10! She is an amazing woman and I’m glad she got to share her knowledge and skills with us.”

Chaperone Testimonials

“This is a well run program! Staff were fabulous- available, enthusiastic, clear communicators. Great schedule, amazing food, positive and encouraging atmosphere. Wonderful teachers.”

“Our session leader was excellent! Great balance between teaching and doing. Well thought out lessons and well prepared.

“Extracurriculars were a great addition! And the food was phenomenal!”

“It seems like a wonderful opportunity for students who like art to really get immersed. It’s a chance for like-minded students from different schools and communities to meet each other. Dawson is a great community for this.”