Facility Rental

KIAC Ballroom

KIAC Ballroom

The KIAC Building is an attractive and functional building – approximately 8,000 sq ft on two floors – providing unique and multi purpose user space in the community. KIAC is committed to a rental policy based on the following principles:

  1. KIAC programming will have priority use of space.
  2. Arts related and non-profit users are eligible for most preferential rates.
  3. KIAC will not compete directly or unfairly where the private sector offers  comparable space for comparable uses.

General Provisions

The following provisions apply to the rental of the Ballroom:

  • Renters must provide proof that they carry liability insurance for the event.  When they sign this agreement, they agree to be responsible for any damage to the facility or equipment as a result of their rental.
  • Rental includes use of KIAC furniture and equipment (100 stacking chairs, ten 6’ x 30” and twelve 48″ round folding tables, and a small sound system.)
  • Use of the small service kitchen is included in the rental fee. The kitchen is a service kitchen only – it is not suitable for food preparation. Some kitchen ware is available – approximately 100 small plates, 20 dinner plates, 40 coffee mugs, water glasses, wine glasses, cutlery as well as assorted serving spoons, trays, pitchers and serving dishes, and a commercial Bunn coffeemaker.  It is expected that the kitchen be left in the same condition in which it is found.
  • Tablecloths are available. If the renter wants KIAC to arrange for laundry of the tablecloths after the event, there is a charge of $2.00 for each tablecloth used.
  • Liquor licensing arrangements should be discussed with KIAC. We appreciate the opportunity to provide bar service as a fundraiser for our organization if required.
  • Wireless Internet is available, but the renter will be charged if amount of usage causes us to exceed our 30 GB monthly allotment. Documentation based on Northwestel billing will be provided for this charge.
  • KIAC has regular janitorial service once a week. Extra janitorial services can be requested if required. A fee may apply.
  • Flat fees for rental are based on full usage for up to 8 hours. Rental will be pro-rated if room is not used for the full 8 hours. If a user requires assistance with set up, tear down, or tech, an extra fee will apply.
  • Renters should make arrangements for key pick up and drop off if the rental occurs outside of normal office hours.
  • A deposit is required before the rental to secure the booking.
  • Use of additional KIAC furniture and specialized equipment must be specified and may be charged out (eg. light and sound set up, TV, VCR, DVD player, projector).
  • Damage deposits and insurance, if required, will be stipulated.
  • Donation of the hall to non-profit organizations should be at the discretion of the ED.
  • KIAC reserves the right to amend and adapt these provisions as required.

Drop In Policy

  • Availability, on an “as is” basis, is not guaranteed although advance notice will be given, as much as possible, of changes.  KIAC programming and rentals have priority use.
  • One, named individual, with a dependable contact number, must be responsible for care and control of facility during the period of use, including opening and closing of the building if needed.
  • Any set up or take down will be the responsibility of the drop in individual/group and must be approved by KIAC management. All damages or costs directly related to user(s) will be their responsibility.
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KIAC Facility Second Floor
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KIAC Facility First Floor