Current Residents

April 2019
Dawson City International Short Film Festival 

Nina Vroemen (Montreal) (L) and Amy Siegel (Toronto)

nina is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, performance and multimedia.
nina seeks projects that quicken the heart.
she writes, creates, performs and directs a collection of multidisciplinary works.
working primarily with video, dance and sonic experimentation, nina aims to engage audiences
in realizing voiceless narratives, unmarked history and the silhouettes of memory.
nina is also the creator of the freak-folk project bluhour.
She is currently working on an experimental short film – with friend and collaborator Krista Davis – that looks at relationships between humans, animals and land in the North through the lines and holes we create. The project engages with the intersections of queer theory and ecological criticism, documentary and fantasy, presenting new perspectives to a conversation that has been ongoing for decades concerning the delicate ecosystem of the Canadian North.

Amy Siegel is an artist, educator and organizer of artistic projects. She works across diverse media including video, performance, projection art, installation and community-engaged art. Her work strives to challenge conventional methods of storytelling while exploring themes of transformation and transcendence. She is particularly interested in shadows – shadows as the space beyond light both visually (in terms of projection and illusion) and metaphorically (exploring dream worlds, death, and shadow selves).

Amy is currently the Creative Director of the ReFrame Film Festival a documentary film and art festival in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough that focuses on social and environmental justice. She holds an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University and an MA in Adult Education and Community Development from the University of Toronto.

Amy’s recent work has been exploring the relationship between dreams and documentation. Can a document capture at once the inner world and the public reality and how are we defining these borders? Working with intuition, improvisation and experimentation she will be exploring the limits and possibilities of the film medium to capture the subconscious.

One of the ways she will be exploring these issues during her residency will be wrapping up a multi-year collaboration with the League of Lady Wrestlers. As a wrestler herself, she was most interested in the profound relationship developed between wrestlers and their invented personae. She will be creating a performative documentary that explores tensions between truth/reality, document/fiction and human/character. Amy will be working with the League’s archival footage, staging vignettes and interviews, as well as editing her own footage from Toronto and Dawson City, including the League’s historic final performance, Thunderdome.