Current Residents

Macaulay House Studio Residency

May 2024


Patrick Lundeen was born in Lethbridge, Alberta (Siksikaitsitapi [Blackfoot Confederacy]
territory). He is currently based in Kelowna, BC (unceded Okanagan Syilx territory) where he
teaches drawing, painting, and sculpture at UBC Okanagan. His interdisciplinary artistic practice
includes explorations of painting, drawing, sculpture, sound, video, food, performance, and
public art. Lundeen’s visual strategies employ humour, sensory experience, and a rough and
visceral aesthetic as a means to unpack social and political contexts. In addition to visual art,
Patrick is also a dubiously talented musician with 5 self-released collections of music on record
and cassette.

Armed with only his modular synthesizer, a borrowed banjo and his trusty Swiss Army knife,
Lundeen plans to undertake experimental musical and material explorations that amalgamate
the sights, sounds, materials and culture that exist within the Dawson City limits. What will this
look/sound like? God only knows! But you are hereby challenged to exercise your right to come
by and check it out.


River Doucette (ON)
Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre Residency 
May 3 – May 31

River Doucette was born in Hawkesbury Ontario, just on the border between Eastern Ontario
and Quebec. Currently based in Dawson, she is working at the Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre as
as an Exhibit Curator and on-call Heritage Interpreter. As an artist her work centres on multi-
medium painting, namely acrylics, oil and spray paint. She is also a fire art performer, fire poi
and levi-wand specifically. The past few years she could be seen doing fire shows outside
Gerties during the summertime.

As a synaesthetic intuitive artist, Doucette does the majority of her work with artistic
responses to sound and music, colors and textures seen through the mind’s eye applied on
canvas. Her style has inspired intuitive arts workshops and programs she ran in the past at
K’ajit in Zho (Young Peoples House). Her exploration of imaginative realms and themes
connecting to land(s) and self are expressed in many of pieces. She aims to provoke the
dreams of possibility through her fantastical, sci-fi, playful and emotional motifs.

Along with visual art, Doucette is also a floutist and singer-song writer. Completing a Masters
in Music and Culture Studies at Carleton University inspired her to construct experimental
styled and folk tunes further platforming the dynamics prevailing in the themes of connection
to land and self.

Excited to embark on an artistic expedition, Doucette will be constructing a series of visual
art pieces combining the experiences of her time living in Dawson City the past 4 and half
years, contextualising between imagined worlds and physical worlds, connections to land,
self, and spirit.