Current Residents

Macaulay House Studio Residency

July 2021

Aleks Bartosik/Jimmie Boddie (Dawson City)

jimmy (a writer) + aleks (a visual artist) combine their disciplines in hopes to create a body of work that grows from ideas that are presented by each artist to the other.  creating their own visual language, artists plan to create a narrative video and/or performance based piece. jimmy thinks you should do something for (s)hiver.

Davis Curtis (Dawson City)

David Curtis is a commercial fisher, carpenter and artist who has had the honour and privilege of living within the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Traditional Territories for the past 23 years.

David’s film installations focus on exploring poetic and associative possibilities through form, subject and meaning; especially in relation to our lived experiences of happenstance, kairos and chance. The open ended nature of his films are predicated on the idea that poetry, passion and humility are not only important to being human, but essential to our survival. 

While in the residency David will be working on a new series of short films projected within sculptural installations for his ongoing series “Search Though We Might We May Never See Beyond the Horizon of Our Imagination.” 

Photo Credit: Devon Berquist