Current Residents

Macaulay House Studio Residency

February 2021

Bennie Allain and Jared Klok (Dawson City)

Bennie Allain and Jared Klok are spending February as local artists-in-residence at MacAuley House putting together sculptures, dioramas, museum displays, art, a camper, and what Allain calls a “quota farm” in preparation for their March 6 show at ODD Gallery: Neck Uh the Wood.

The rooms are populated by pieces of old hockey equipment, decorations, knick-knack kinda things, writings on medieval guilds and the voices of east-coast Canadians in the middle of explaining the myths that they themselves are part of.

There are lots of eggs.

Bennie and Jared will be opening Neck Uh the Wood at the ODD Gallery on March 6.