Current Residents


December 2018

Bubzee FellerSinixt Territory (Slocan Valley BC Canada)

Born gifted to an artist mother whose support continues to be endless, nurtured by the mountains and rivers of Sinixt Territory (Slocan Valley BC canada) since a young child as well as travelling often finding the spaces in between as home, Bubzee is a self-taught white settler artist who transforms experience and vision through a vast variety of mediums, from skin to dying buildings she has drawn her lines on.

Guided by dreams, creatures, the creative, inspired by Nature and the Spirit world, her work is for the beings of the earth.
Bubzee takes pieces of our fractured world and returns us to our origins.

A lifelong self employed artist who began exploring art at a very young age and has never strayed far from her path even through the struggles and pressures of the material world.
Her artistic ability holds very little limitations, and spans across two decades, leaving Bubzee and her art on growing demand.

There is a feeling and presence to her work that connects us all deeply.
Unfurling spells of stillness, unveiling truths we have kept hidden from ourselves, while laying all secrets to rest. Bubzee gently encourages our own awakening to possibility and growth giving us the inspiration and ability to sea the strength hidden within that is monumental to our healing.

Written by Uschi Tala  

I am interested in exploring large pen drawings/paintings to be screen printed as a wall hanging on fabric, the feeling of freshness here and inspiration is endless for me , the landscapes , animals, and plants speak so loudly in this cold stillness.

I will be sharing my tattoo practice as well incorporating the drawings I’ve made into skin.

The work I have made over my stay here and a tattoo flash (pre drawn original art) will be shared at the end of the month.

Kathleen Hearn (Toronto)

Kathleen Hearn is a Toronto-based visual artist, director and educator. Hearn works with teens in an attempt to understand the relationship between teenage experience, cultural specificity and universal themes of entering adulthood. This research was initiated with the project eat ‘em and smile (2009), followed by so long (2011) and the short film The Boys (2014), which interwove conversations from iconic coming of age films into a new teen drama.

​In my work I focus on spending time in communities and rethinking ethnographic curiosity as a culture of exchange. Often developed in extended residencies or repeated stays I work with members of particular communities to understand and depict aspects of their worlds, noting that I am a ‘visitor’ and, in a way, an interlocutor, a documentarian, an interpreter, and a collaborator. As an approach to video and photography I am interested in exploring the relationships and conflicts between fiction and non-fiction, documentary and drama, narrative and poetics, and the dialogue between choreographed and natural. The themes in my work are drawn from transitional moments, youth culture, coming of age, locationality, storytelling and narrative structure, portrait and landscape and how media helps shape the stories we tell ourselves.