Iphones and Beyond: a micro documentory workshop

Learn how to create short documentary projects using iPhones!
The workshop will be in 4 classes (Participants must take all 4 sessions)
1.  Introduction & documentary theory/preproduction
2. Camera and Sound Production
3. Editing & Post-production
4.  Viewing and wrap up.

Workshop Option #1:
Dates: June 9, 10, 11, 15
Times: 2-5pm each day

Workshop Option #2:
Dates: June 16, 17, 18 & 22
Times: 2-5pm each day

Workshop Option #3:
Dates: June 23, 24, 25 & 29
Times: 6-9pm each day
**Only 3 in-person and 2 zoom spots left**

Instructors: Lulu Keating and Jonny Klykramer

Supplies: All supplies provided, but participants are encouraged to use their own iPhones (6 and up) or iPads (2013/IOS8 and up), if possible.

Safety: Each class limited to 6 (with an additional 2 zoom attendees permitted). Classroom will be set up to respect social distancing and health and safety protocols.

Cost: Corporate/general public: $200
KIAC member cost: $100
(inquire with kiac@kiac.ca about membership)

Registration: Please call the KIAC office (993-5005) to register

Session 1. How to Doc!

An introduction into the documentary form and what you need to do BEFORE you plunge into your project. You will learn:

  • Concept and idea. Create a one-page synopsis of your idea.
  • Researching your doc.
  • Scripting your doc.
  • Storyboarding and shot listing. The importance of A and B roll shooting and getting “coverage”
  • Interview techniques.
  • Location scouting.
  • Permissions and legalities.

Session 2. The iPhone as camera.

A hands-on unit delving into the sound and audio capabilities of an iPhone.

Items covered:

  • Camera and sound functions of an iPhone. Focusing, static vs. hand held shooting, travelling shots.
  • Camera and sound-recording apps. Enhance the basic functions of your phone to give you greater control.
  • In class shooting exercises.

Session 3. iPhone Post.

A hands-on unit using the supplied iMovie app to edit you work.

Items Covered:

  • Working with footage, rough cut to fine cut.
  • Sound editing, cleaning up your sound
  • Adding sound effects and music
  • Visual effects
  • Other apps to enhance post-production capability.
  • Exporting your film.

Session 4. Work it!

Participants will be given 2 out of class days to shoot and edit a 1-minute mini doc project. Instructors will be available for trouble shooting. This session will be to review the work and talk about production issues and how to overcome them. (2 Instructors will attend for evaluation and consultation)

Made possible with the support of
Yukon Media Development
Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Heritage
Robert Service Schoool