Yukon Riverside Arts Festival – Call for Artist Proposals

Announcement and Call for Artist Proposals

Although the 20th annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival will not be a conventional gathering, we wish to celebrate Dawson City’s creative spirit by supporting the creation and presentation of new work in manners deemed safe by public health professionals.

The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture is seeking proposals for the presentation of new work in all mediums at the 20th Annual Yukon Riverside Arts Festival around Discovery Days weekend, Aug 13 – 16, 2020. This is an open call to Yukon / Regional artists and collectives at any stage of their artistic practices to propose projects, workshops, cultural practices, installations, performances, writings, film, new media, talks, demonstrations, collaborations, exhibitions, exchanges, questions and connections in whatever shape, duration, platform, mode of distribution you imagine them taking. Proposals can be outdoor, virtual, pre-recorded, and more. Dream and scheme and tell us what you would like to do. Projects large and small will be considered. All projects must adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

We anticipate unknowns, and will rise to the challenge of adapting in new and safe ways
We will not be encouraging large gatherings
We will not be encouraging travel between communities
We will still find ways to connect and create, and to hold each other up

All accepted proposals will receive equitable presentation fees based on the scope of the project and standards of each medium. Participating artists are responsible for any costs associated with the creation of their work.

New for this year, KIAC will offer services to assist in the creation and presentation of work depending on availability of space, equipment, and staff. Examples: audio recording, video recording, assistance in documentation, space to create, and more. Contact events@kiac.ca to discuss possibilities.

Proposal Guidelines

1. Project description (required)
Please be clear and concise. Explain what resources and experience you have to make your project a reality and any assistance you would like to request. Outline how you will adhere to physical distancing measures and protect public safety. Maximum 1 page

2. Artist CV and/or Short Bio (recommended)

3. Documentation (required)
Images, video, sound, writing samples etc. Please share work that is either similar to what you have planned, or which demonstrates your experience and ability to work in a similar capacity. Note: Please try to avoid compressed files, ftp, zip files, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.

Still Images:
-Maximum of 15 images saved as .jpg files at 72 dpi in RGB colour mode
-Maximum file size 1920 x 1080 pixels

Film / Video / Audio / performance / Time-based Work:
Please make video and audio files available online (ie Vimeo, Youtube, soundcloud etc). Include links in a separate .pdf file. Total running time is not to exceed 10 minutes.

4. Submit application
Email completed application to events@kiac.ca by midnight on June 22nd, 2020. If you do not receive a prompt confirmation email, please follow up with our office (events@kiac.ca, kiac@kiac.ca, or 993-5005).

Contact events@kiac.ca if you would like to arrange an alternate mode of presenting your ideas, or if you have any other questions.

Our committee will review each proposal. We may follow up with further questions and may need to negotiate project details to adapt to the festival setting as it evolves.

**Deadline: June 22, 2020**