In the ODD Gallery: The Natural & The Manufactured 2011




June 16 – July 15, 2011

The ODD Gallery is pleased to welcome you to The Creation of Evolution, the first part of a two-exhibition platform comprising the 2011 edition of our yearly thematic program, The Natural & The Manufactured.

Since 2005, the N&M has undertaken a vast body of projects that have interrogated and celebrated the symbiotic interplay between the environment and the social impact of human intervention upon it—aesthetic, economic, ideological or political.  While past N&M projects have typically looked to artists’ site-specific engagement with the landscape and gallery, for The Creation of Evolution, the ODD Gallery has assembled a prolific group of Canadian artists whose more self-contained works (photographs, sculptures, paintings) resonate strongly with the thematic premise of the exhibitions.

For the Creation of Evolution, we are excited to offer a playfully engaging series of works that look to the ways in which our everyday surroundings, routines, and rituals are continually being shaped—indeed, manufactured—by how we imagine and interact with our environment.

Featuring: Matt Shane, Lewis & Taggart, Andreas Rutkauskas, Kerri Reid, Sol Legault, Heidi Nagtegaal, Kara Uzelman



August 11 – September 16, 2011

The ODD Gallery’s 7th annual edition of the project—features five prolific artists, writers and thinkers whose work and research shares an ongoing fascination with ideas of landscape, place and the environment. As the final component of our two-platform N&M series (the first, The Creation of Evolution, was a group show in June-July), the ODD Gallery is pleased to present two interactive public installations by Steve Badgett & Deborah Stratman (Chicago), a gallery exhibition of sculptures and watercolour paintings by Bill Burns (Toronto), a lecture by Parks Canada historian David Neufeld (Whitehorse), and a commissioned critical text by writer Megan Graham (Dawson). These projects collectively look at the connections between economics, cultural production and the natural world.

Featuring: Steve Badgett/Simparch & Deborah Stratman, Bill Burns
David Neufeld, Megan Graham

Exhibition Brochure