In the ODD Gallery: Berlin Klondyke


July 21 – August 3, 2011

The curators, Irmelin and Reinald Nohal, themselves enjoying kind of a double life between the metropolitan, vibrant art city of Berlin and the wild North of the Yukon, and being collectors of artists rather than of art work, intended to establish an opportunity for artists in residence in Dawson City. Since 2005 eight artists were given the possibility to work here. The initial idea was to show the work of Berlin artists created in the Yukon, the results of the combination of the influence of the Berlin art scene and the inspiration through the nature and people of the great North. The present exhibition at the Odd Gallery will still focus on the work of the artists in residence, but also show the interested Klondike art community a wide and representative range of Berlin’s partly chaotic, undergroundish, confrontational, even provocative art scene.


Featuring: Rikke Aamann, Pablo Alonso, Thomas Arnolds, Louise Blicher, Fritz Bornstück, Madeleine Boschan, Guillaume Bruère, André Butzer, Astrid Marie Christiansen, Björn Dahlem, Valèrie Favre, Shannon Finlay, Habima Fuchs, Andrew Gilbert, Thomas Helbig, Andy Hope 1930, Henning Kles, Maja Körner, Erwin Kneihsl, Robert Lucander, Jonathan Meese, Meaghan Reid, Rokke, Pat Rosenmeier, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Adam Saks, Markus Selg, Andrea Stappert, Willi Tomes, Jorinde Voigt, Ralf Ziervogel, Thomas Zipp, and more

The opening will take place on Thursday, July 21 at 7 p.m.

The curators will be present.