Krystle Silverfox

Nov 8 – Dec 20

Artist TalkNovember 29, 6pm, SOVA (Yukon School of Visual Arts)

Krystle Silverfox is an interdisciplinary artist residing in Whitehorse, Yukon. She is
a citizen of Selkirk First Nation, and belongs to the Wolf Clan. Silverfox’s work
bundles together conceptual art, material practices, decolonialism, and Indigenous
During her residency with KIAC, Silverfox will be playing with anamorphic design as
a way to tell stories. Anamorphic design is an optical illusion, which relies on
perspective to create different images. Silverfox envisions anamorphic design as a
way to tell the story of Raven– the shapeshifting Trickster – through the playful use
of perspective.