Rachel Gray (ON)

July 2 – Sept 8

Artist Talk: Thursday, August 24, 7 pm

Rachel Gray’s work explores the potential of a creative lens to amplify and extend the act of listening and merge exterior and interior experience. I approach art as a customizable language, drawing on a multitude of mediums to speak into the places everyday language leaves blank. She uses large-scale drawing, painting, puppetry, video and animation to create immersive environments that seek to reimagine perception, give wait to non-human experience and explore the potential of non-linear storytelling. 

Her installations grapple with what it means to connect with and depend on non-human organisms during a time of widespread environmental collapse, and the potential and limitations of empathy as a path for connection and exploration. A commitment to dialogue and a belief in art as a site for exchange runs through her creative process. This has led to collaborations with musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers, academics and filmmakers as well as a deep involvement in community art practices. 

While in Dawson, Rachel will be working on a series of artworks that explore the worlds of insects. She’s particularly interested in exploring insect perception and consciousness through art.