Food & Film Night, October 20

Get your Hallowe’en on early!
A food & film extravaganza!

Eat pumpkin inspired dishes from Dawson’s best chefs.
Vote for your favourite!
Watch some weird and wonderful short films by some of Dawson’s creepiest filmmakers.

$15, all you can eat!
6:30 Cocktails; 7:00 food; 8:00 films
Door Prizes! (Thanks Bombay Peggy’s!)
KIAC (Dënäkär Zho) Ballroom. Tickets at the door. (Vegan and Gluten-Free items available)

Food by: Bennie Alain, Dane Armstrong, Ross Cockburn, Katrina Diles , Randy Dubé,  Karen Dubois, Allie Haydock, Calhoun Keating-Malay, Charles Atlas Sheppard, Laurie Sokolowski 

Ange Bonnici, David Curtis, Blair Douglas, James Healey, Justine Hobbs, Lulu Keating, Johnny Klynkramer, Bobby Ronka, Max Sims, Dan Sokolowski, Veronica Verkley, Rueben Ward

Note: Some films deal with mature themes and content.

The Gathering Storm
Dan Sokolowski, 1m
…and the ravens watch…
Justine Hobbs, 4m
Four women, out on a therapeutic wilderness retreat, put their demons to rest.
Wolf Guy
Ange Bonnici, 5m
You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.
Through the Willows
Blair Douglas, 9m

In the cold north, a man gets caught in a strange vortex.
Lulu Keating, 4m
A woman prospector, alone in the Yukon wilderness; a man crazed with hunger. What will happen when they meet?
James Healey, 9m

A Father and Son struggle to reconnect after years apart as unknown forces plot against them.
Tales of the Psychopomp
David Curtis, 5m

Psychopomps are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife.
Jonathan Klynkramer, 4m

Four friends set out to crush a bottle of Te-kill-ya and have a time. When the legendary Iceworm is awakened things get extra lit.
American Dreans
Boby Ronka, 4 m

Hot Dog mayhem
Everybody Knows Me
Reuben Ward, 14m

Dawson City, 1993. Struggling with the realities of marriage, fatherhood and the overbearing spectre of his past, Don Biggs does all he can to maintain his reputation, and his sanity.
Max Sims, 4m

A man has trouble with his television.

A fundraiser for the Dawson City International Short Film Festival