New Hermitage Live at the KIAC Ballroom

June 6 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Andrew MacKelvie is a practicing saxophonist, improviser, and educator from Halifax, Nova Scotia, now based in Montreal. Aside from his work with New Hermitage he has worked with artists like Jeff Reilly, Amy Brandon, and Jerry Granelli, with whom he was nominated for a Juno in 2016. He has also performed with the Upstream Orchestra, suddenlyLISTEN, BUDI & Aquakultre, Lido Pimienta, and the Yukon’s own Major Funk.

For this solo performance, MacKelvie will be debuting a new piece based on work of scientist Charles Keeling, the American scientist who’s work studying atmospheric carbon dioxide at the Mauna Loa Observatory first heralded the world to the anthropogenic contribution to the greenhouse effect and global warming. The Keeling Curve graphs a daily record of CO2 levels dating back to the 1950’s. Taking weekly averages dating back to November, 1988, MacKelvie turns that atmospheric data into sound waves. Each second of this piece represents 1 week in the composers life, and sonically maps the growing amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

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