Confluence Exhibit: Basia Barb Hinton & Patty Jackson


Images, left: Basia Barb Hinton / right: Patty Jackson

The Space Between Things
Basia Barb Hinton

Bear Stories & What the Eagle Saw
Patty Jackson

June 21 to July 14

Thursday, June 21 @7pm

The Space Between Things is about creating something out of seemingly nothing – starting from the place of being at a total loss and leading to an investigation of overlooked spaces. The topography is shaped through intimacy, grief, desire, and blowing things up only to piece them back together. The territory includes outliers and margins, by-products and off-cuts, deconstruction and reconstruction. The interstitial ‘Spaces Between’ may initially appear intangible, but a closer look reveals patterns, myth, story and connection.

Bear Stories & What the Eagle Saw. In honour of the Opening Reception on Aboriginal Day, Heart of Stone (Patty Jackson) invites you to see how the art of Hand Carving was brought to her, how it came from where it began, and how it is being passed on. The Carvings have stories, humour, express an appreciation for wildlife and First Nations Culture and a love story intertwined with the heart of it all.