March Film and Video Workshops

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Take all workshops for $150 KIAC Members or   $170 General Public or take them individually.
Adobe Software for New Media-Art with Matthew Batty and Tessa Rex

$20 KIAC Member $25 General Public

March 5, 6-9pm KIAC Classroom

USING: Light Room, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro. This workshop approaches time lapse, animation/gif, as integrated with premiere pro. This workshop will also discuss experimenting with pushing the limits of the traditionally linear format of film and other time-based media.

This workshop will hone the skills of integrating adobe Light Room and Photoshop into premiere Pro projects. Unlocking the ability of both Light Room and Photoshop to be used as animation software and then how to merge that work into a Premiere Pro Project.


A practical introduction to the Canon EOS C100 Mark II. with Tess Hutson

$20 KIAC Member $25 General Public

DATE: March 6-8, KIAC Classroom

TIME: 6-9pm, 7-8th shooting days

Join visiting filmmaker Tess Huston for a practical introduction to the Canon EOS C100 Mark II.

This workshop will provide an in-depth look at the features and benefits of the EOS C100 Mark II including menu systems, buttons, configurations, options for workflow, and best practices for narrative (on set) and documentary (location) filmmaking with the C100.

A guided technical workshop using the Cannon C100 camera. 8-bit 1920 x 1080p cinema camera: It incorporates the continuous autofocus function compatible with all Canon autofocus lenses, using Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. This new feature provides faster and more accurate auto focusing to assist users when operating with small crews.

March 6th (6-9pm) will be the intro to the camera, with participants being able to use the camera over the next two days.

This workshop will suit those with an existing understanding of photography (still or moving picture).

This camera is readily available for rent in Dawson City through KIAC’s relationship with the Yukon Film Society. Familiarity of the C100 for people in Dawson City increases the capacity of the local film industry.


Recording Location Sound with Alisa Vostiklap

$20 KIAC Member $25 general Public

March 8th, 6-9pm, KIAC Classroom

A guided technical workshop in recording and editing sound for spatial environments or multichannel panning.

This workshop will cover working creatively with different types of microphones, and integrating sound recording into your video practice. We will go over the basics of sound editing using the Adobe software’s Premiere Pro and Audition, as well as an introduction to working with spatial sound. Participants may bring in their own sound files to work with or they can use sound recorded in the workshop.

Participants will learn the use of KIACs sound gear, which includes

  • Zoom HN4 recorder,
  • Shotgun Mics
  • Boom operation.
  • Beachtek XLR adaptor
  • Recording directly into a camera (Canon C100, Sony AXR-FD33)
  • Sound monitoring on

Bolex Club with Melody Woodnutt

DATE: March 10-12th. KIAC Classroom and darkroom

TIME: 10-5 Saturday, Sunday Shooting Day, Monday 6-9 Processing

$70 (includes one roll of film), KIAC members $80 General Public

Suing the iconic 16mm Bolex camera and film provided participants will the learn the basics of a Bolex camera to shoot 16mm film with a small group and hand process their footage in KIACs darkroom. This workshop covers the building blocks of film/media creation. Film has also become a niche market and is often integrated into digital projects. It gives a different look and feel and can be a vey effective and dynamic tool in a filmmaker’s arsenal.

Items covered:

  • Film stock/ASA ratings
  • Loading and operation of the bolex
  • Using a Sekonic light mete to properly set exposure
  • Lenses and what each one does (prime vs. zoom)
  • Depth of field
  • Hand processing techniques.
  • Digitizing the film for post-production.


Editing with concepts between sound and film with Zoe Kinross

$20 KIAC Member $25 General Public

DATE: March 14th, 6-9pm KIAC Classroom

Following on from the sound recording workshop, Zoe leads a discussion about how sound and visuals work together, specifically in experimental/documentary films. Participants can share back to the group and begin to edit their own new short piece, using sound as the starting point.

An informal workshop identifying how sound and visuals can be combined in innovative and diverse ways, with the potential for an interesting disconnect between the two. Looking at examples of work by a range of directors, we will discuss the techniques employed and think how to work experimentally with our own projects.

You will need to bring in a sound piece and some video footage (up to 10 minutes max). You can edit on whatever software you normally use. Bring in your laptop with edit software.

Skills learnt in this workshop include film analysis with an emphasis on sound and sound & visual editing with various software (Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro)



A Focus on Titles  with Jake Bellew

$20 KIAC Member $25 General Public

DATE: March 15th, 6-9pm, KIAC Classroom

Using Adobe Premiere Pro, this workshop will look at how titles relate to the wholeness of the film by pushing the emotional and conceptual drive forward.

The purpose of this workshop is to look at titles as an organic extension of the complete film, neither tacked on nor heavy handed.

We will look at examples of some titles that have a relationship to the films that contain them.

Done entirely within the editing software Adobe Premiere, we will also address technical and personal questions that participants have regarding their own work. Participants can bring existing work or create new work in this workshop.

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