Runaway Moon Theatre: 21 Ways to Make the World Last Longer

Sat, Nov 11. Doors open at 7:30 at the KIAC Ballroom

21 Ways to Make the World Last Longer” is a practical, hopeful, and simple tribute to the beauty of humanity. This brand new puppet play for adults and mature youth is a 90-minute funny and dramatic sharing of the kooky and maybe necessary approaches to living on an endangered planet.

“21 Ways to Make the World Last Longer” is a new original production co-written by Cathy Stubington and James Fagan Tait, and directed by James Fagan Tait. Core puppet makers and puppeteers Cathy Stubington and Zompopo Flores are joined by guest performers James Fagan Tait, Sarah May Redmond and Tom Jones (well known to Runaway Moon and Caravan Farm Theatre audiences) to bring this wonderful story to life.
Using the magic of Runaway Moon rod puppetry and an eclectic quintet of puppeteers, this production is sure to make you wonder, remember, and reflect. Runaway Moon invites you to celebrate the small ways that regular folk make a difference in the world.