Dana Sipos Joins the Northern Exposure Summer Concert Series

dana sipos promo pic

Her voice dances like a flame in a dark room: fierce, illuminating and warmly present. Dana Sipos’ approach as a vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist grew out of formative years in Yellowknife. Over the years, her efforts as an artist have earned her a place as a musician-in-residence at the Banff Centre, a record deal with an indie Nashville label (Muddy Roots Recordings) and time creatively spent travelling to shows by bicycle, train, tall ship, and canoe.

“He looked me in the eye” is a lyric to a Sipos song that accurately describes the effect of her music. It speaks straight to the audience, but with a tone like an old friend who knows how to be both kind and tell you just what you need to be hear. Her strumming style falls steady as rain and creates a gentle backdrop for her earthy vocals that challenge routine conceptions of the daily experiences that alter our lives but often go unnoticed. Sipos leaves one longing for her to bravely keep telling the stories that others are too timid to voice.

Her new album Roll Up the Night Sky will be shared this July 3rd @ 7:30 pm in KIAC Ballroom along with artists Cud Eastbound and Joey O’Neil.

Their performances will be a part of the Northern Exposure Summer Concert Series run by KIAC. It aims to highlight Yukon artists, throughout the summer, with a dash of out-of-province guests. Keep informed about the Northern Exposure Summer Concert Series by visiting: www.kiac.ca/calendarofevents/