Dawson Steps into the Surreal: The Camera Obscura Festival has Arrived

glowing globes_webGlowing orbs playing extra-terrestrial music, hotels you can put on your head and vans that expose an inverted Dawson: all part of what the Camera Obscura Festival has offered us so far. This weekend will be one that aims to challenge your natural perspective of the world at a very fundamental level.


The SOVA Confluence gallery opened this Wednesday for the festival and features visuals and installations, such as a camera obscura (in the shape of a hotel) complete with a cape, and instructions for short-term rentals that advise finding a friend to guide you as you walk with it (on your head) around the city. The SOVA gallery, offering many students’ work, will be open every day from now until Tuesday 23rd from 3-7 pm.


Thursday marked the opening of The World Inside exhibit at the ODD Gallery. It was a well attended event with thoughtful pieces that have the ability to inspire gentle reflection and many opportunities to peer into a lens. See what there is to explore from now until July 25th. The gallery will be open from 10-5 pm on week days and 1- 4 pm on weekends.

One exhibit just outside of the gallery, run and created by Mike Yuhasz, will exist for THIS WEEKEND ONLY. It offers participants the chance to climb inside his van-sized camera obscura to see what Dawson looks like in a mobile camera displaying the projected world in color and upside down. Check out the exhibit just outside the ODD gallery Saturday and Sunday from 11 am- 5 pm (departing every 1/2 hour). It’s well worth the ride and an experience you may try even more than once.