In the ODD Gallery: Cold Cuts Video Festival


Apr 18-20, 2014

Opening Night: Friday, April 18th, 4:00 – 6:00pm

The presence of the media and the online world is omnipresent. Its relevance is poignant and inescapable. And we must revel in it.

Ryan Trecartin: I-Be Area (108:00) 2007 (*Friday screening only)
Pipilotti Rist: I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much (7:46) 1986
Kent Monkman: Mary (3:18) 2011
Stephen Andrews & John Greyson: On Message (9:05) 2006
Istvan Kantor: ANTICHRIST – Neoist Hokey-Pokey (5:30) 2010
Kelly Richardson: Twilight Avenger (5:40) 2008
Jeremy Bailey: Transhuman Dance Recital #1 (6:29) 2007
Lisa Birke: Red Carpet (15:00) 2013

The works in this 2014 iteration of Cold Cuts Video Festival, Revel in It, explore the world of pop culture and mass media – they envelop it and wallow in it, and from within this spectrum, reflect on the possibilities of social reconfiguration and plurality of identity. The critique of contemporary culture is a shameless and simultaneous embrace. Notions of confining gender constructs and otherness are blown apart and rebuilt in endless configurations for the purposes of imagining something different.

Curated by Nicole Rayburn

Image: Ryan Trecartin: I-Be Area

Exhibition Hours: 
Saturday, April 19th from 11am – 5pm
Sunday, April 20 from 1 – 5pm

Exhibition Brochure