In the ODD Gallery: DCAS Members’ Exhibition


January 27 – March 4, 2011

The ODD Gallery is proud to present the work of Dawson City’s finest artists in Primary Sources, the Biennial DCAS Member’s Exhibition.

Primary Sources investigates  the ways in which creative practitioners both influence and are influenced by our cultural surroundings, and offers itself as a platform for sharing ideas, research material and inspirational fodder.  Participating artists were asked to create and submit recent work based upon some inspirational, procedural or personal source material—a quotation, poem, song, written passage, or perhaps even another artwork. Artists have also  submitted their “primary source” (a text, image, printout or photocopy) along with their work for the viewer’s referencer. The summation of this  material has been assembled and presented within the context of the exhibition.

Works by:

Shelley Hakonson, Jude Griebel, Rosemary Scanlon, Richard Muller, Amy Ball, John Lodder. Audrey Vigneau, Kerry Barber, Palma Berger, Rian Lougheed-Smith, Janice Cliff, Jen Laliberte, Kit Hepburn, Aubyn O’Grady, Merran Smith, Mary Dolman, Meg Walker, Dan Sokolowski, Megan Graham, Lulu Keating, Evan Rensch, Eryn Foster, R. Mutt, David Curtis, Michael Edwards, Cynthia Hunt, Craig Francis Power.