In the ODD Gallery: Youth Art Enrichment


December 5 – January 5, 2009

Opening Thursday, December 4, 7pm

The 2008 Youth Art Enrichment exhibition features over 30 of the Yukon’s top art students working in photography, wood carving and 2-D video game design.

The idea of an enrichment program for young artists was originally envisioned at a meeting between representatives from KIAC and the Department of Education.  Since that meeting in 2001, KIAC has gone on to develop enrichment courses for Yukon students who demonstrate interest and ability in the visual arts. For the past eight years, 30-36 highschool students from across the territory have gathered in Dawson City for four days of specialized instruction with three practicing, professional artists: Janice Cliff, Vernon Asp and James Wigmore.

The exhibition features works by:

Georgieann Sam, Alex Wyatt, Joseph Roy Camedo, Marcus Hickey, Julian Moore, Geoffrey Godson, Cole Pauls, Richard Dylan McGinty, Tanner Berg, Amy Clements, Harley Johnnie, Leif Martin-Berry, Maryann Sam, Darcy Johnnie, Kelsea Cook, Olivia Findlay, Nicole Welin, Luke Londero, Logan Pauls, Stephanie Stone, Troy Fairclough, Francine Johnnie, Rose Crelli, Nina Gage, Rosa MacDougall, Shandal Sam, Aaron Cox, Andrea Shorty, Ayla Smith, Benjamin Cooper Saprovich, Miriam Moore, Hayley Jo Riemer, Korrel Ronaghan, Rita Jones, Melinda Ann Huston, Irina S Zaugolnikova and Emile Bouffard.