Chaperone Application

KIAC is Seeking Chaperones for Youth Art Enrichment 2020

The ongoing success of the Youth Art Enrichment program is due in large part to the enthusiasm and positive mentorship offered by chaperones. Chaperones are fully immersed in the program and are the primary source of support for YAE participants:

Multiple chaperones work as a team to provide 24-hour supervision and support to all participants for the entire duration of the camp. Chaperones ensure that participants are engaged in course material, respectful of their instructors and peers, and engage in positive behaviour in and outside of class time. Chaperones attend to any student needs or concerns throughout the program and offer support for a wide range of potential issues such as homesickness, social anxiety, interpersonal issues, and/or frustration or discouragement within class time.

KIAC encourages adults from Whitehorse, Dawson City, and all other communities to apply to chaperone.

Essential Qualifications & Duties

  • Experience (paid or volunteer) working with youth ages 13 – 18 in a supervisory or educational role.
  • Experience with at-risk and/or marginalized youth is an asset.
  • Applicants must provide an up to date criminal record check or be willing to obtain one.
  • Valid First Aid Certification considered an asset.
  • Must be a Yukon resident.
  • Must be available for the full length of the program (including the bus ride to and from Dawson for out-of-town chaperones)
  • Must abstain from consuming alcohol or drugs (including cannabis) during the entirety of the program.
  • Must agree to the duties outlined below, which vary based on the applicant’s home community:

Whitehorse & Other Communities


Whitehorse chaperone duties begin at the Canada Games Centre at 10:30 AM on Sunday March 22nd, half an hour before the chartered bus departs for Dawson.
Whitehorse chaperone duties end at the Canada Games Centre when the bus returns on the evening of Friday March 27th.
Chaperones from other communities begin duties when the bus arrives at their community to go to Dawson and end duties upon arrival at their community on the way back to Whitehorse.

This means it is a 24hrs/day position.

There will be opportunities for free time throughout the week.

  • Whitehorse and community chaperones reside at the Downtown Hotel Annex with students and provide 24-hr support (including overnight supervision and security) to all students. The Annex is reserved for YAE chaperones and participants only.
  • Chaperones will be present for all meal times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and ensure that all students are present as well.
  • Chaperones will be assigned to one art class and ensure that students are present for both morning and afternoon class time and assist students with their various projects and needs.
  • Chaperones will participate in evening activities and later ensure that all students are at the Annex for curfew and in bed at a pre-determined hour.
  • Chaperones may be responsible for disciplinary action if required.


Whitehorse chaperones receive an honorarium of 225$/day for a duration of 6 days. Transportation, meals, and accommodations are provided/mandatory.

Dawson City


Dawson chaperone duties begin at the Welcome Dinner from 7:00 – 9 PM on Sunday, March 22nd.
– Remaining hours are from 8:30 AM to 4 PM (class time) AND 7 – 9 PM (evening activity) on Monday March 23rd to Thursday, March 27th, including the student exhibit and final banquet from 6 PM – 8 PM on Thursday, March, 27th

  • Dawson chaperone will take attendance for Robert Service School students (a list is provided) and communicate this with RSS staff in both the morning and afternoon of all days of class time.
  • Dawson chaperone will be present for breakfast and lunch on all days. Dinner is mandatory on Sunday and Thursday, and optional on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Dawson chaperone will be present during class time (9 AM – 4 PM) and assist students with their various projects and needs.
  • Dawson chaperone will help with evening activities (7 – 9 PM) with the support of other chaperones.


The Dawson chaperone receives an honorarium of $130/day for a duration of 4 full days and 1 half day (Sunday evening). The Dawson chaperone is required to be at two meals per day. Dinner is mandatory on the first day and last day, and optional on all other days.

Application Process

  1. Please fill in online application form below.
  2. Successful applicants will be notified and provided with additional paperwork soon after the deadline.
  3. Successful applicants must provide or obtain an up-to-date criminal record check at this point.

Application Form


Example: He/His, She/Hers, They/Theirs.
Please leave blank if mailing address is the same as above.


Please list details of any relevant youth-oriented work or volunteer experience: teaching, social work, E.A/C.E.L.C, other employment, camp counselor, sports trip chaperone, rangers/scouts, etc. If you have experience working with at-risk or marginalized youth, please describe.
This can be post-secondary, continuing education studies, any classes or courses, work training, etc.
Chaperones participate in workshops with students and this helps us assign you to a class for the week.
If yes, please indicate the level and date obtained.
A current criminal record check is required for all YAE chaperones.
Please note your relationship to the references. At least one should know you in a professional capacity.


Please list any and all allergies and special dietary needs. If none, please respond "N/A". The YAE meals team strives to accommodate all dietary restrictions but cannot accommodate on short notice.
Please indicate if you are sensitive to aromas/perfumes, if you require ground-floor accommodations/have mobility issues, or if there is any other circumstance that we should be aware of. If none, please respond "N/A".



Whitehorse and community chaperones reside with students at the Downtown Hotel Annex for the duration of the camp. Chaperone rooms are placed adjacent to student rooms.


KIAC provides chartered transportation for chaperones coming from outside of Dawson. Chaperones are required to accompany students on the bus from Whitehorse (or their community of residence) to Dawson and back again.


Three healthy meals per day are provided to campers. Attendance is mandatory for all meals for the duration of the program. Dietary restrictions/allergies must be listed above.


Do you have a question about the program or application process? Feel free to contact Devon or Catherine at (867) 993-5005 or We look forward to hearing from you!