Get Involved with YAE!

What can you do to help?

YAE is an annual four-day intensive art program for Yukon youth (aged 14-18) hosted by KIAC. This long-running program is now in its 19th year. There are a variety of ways in which community members can support this program, however, these are the areas in which assistance is most appreciated:

KIAC is in search of folks to cook meals during the Youth Art Enrichment program, March 22nd – 27th, 2020.

What does hosting a meal entail?
Hosting a meal means providing one healthy lunch or dinner for approximately 40 hungry youth, instructors and chaperones! Meals are served at KIAC, in buffet-style. Chili, spaghetti, soup & sandwiches, pizza, mac & cheese, you name it!

On Thursday, March 26th, parents and other guests are invited to a special wrap-up dinner which includes speeches and a student art exhibition. The total number of mouths to feed is closer to 55. This dinner is labelled as the “banquet” and traditionally is a little bit fancier. Lasagna has always gone over very well!

Meal hosts are responsible for:

  • Choosing the menu for your meal with an awareness of student allergies and dietary restrictions provided by KIAC.
  • Purchasing the ingredients (we will provide you with a PO to use at Bonanza and the General Store) and adhering to a budget outlined by KIAC.
  • Sourcing a volunteer helper or two, if required.
  • Preparing the meal on the day of.
  • Clean up following the meal.

Meal and Date options:
Lunch (12-1pm) and Dinner (6-7pm) are offered throughout the program starting with Dinner on Sunday, March 22nd and ending with Dinner on Thursday March 16th.

Other info:
Meals provided during the program do not need to be fancy by any means! We’re happy to be able to provide basic, hearty, home-cooked food for the youth. Past meals include: Tacos, Soup & Sandwiches, Chili, Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Lasagna, Pierogies, Stew, Curry…and many more.

Want to help out but can’t do a meal?

KIAC is also looking for a variety of baked goods and will happily take anything from banana bread, to cookies, to muffins, etc. We can accept these at any time between February and the program dates (they will be frozen).
If you would like to supply baked goods, please refrain from using any nuts or nut products, and please include a list of ingredients when dropping items off.

If any of these opportunities interest you, please contact Catherine or Devon at or by calling 993-5005.