Safety at KIAC: Covid19, Accessibility, & Safer Spaces

KIAC values the safety of all staff, volunteers, artists, performers, participants, and audiences. We recognize that safety comes in many forms and it is not possible for any singular space to be fully “safe” for all people.  Our safety planning includes taking precautions regarding Covid-19, considering accessibility (both physical and otherwise), risk management, and a safer spaces policy regarding sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour and other harmful or discriminatory actions.


Did you have an experience or incident at KIAC that we should be aware of?

Do you have suggestions or feedback to make our space safer and more accessible?

Use this REPORTING FORM which can be completed anonymously.


Together we can make a space where everyone feels comfortable to create, perform, and take part. 

Respect Each Other

  • Respect everyone’s differences
  • Don’t make assumptions about people, including gender, race, sexuality, income, etc.
  • Be aware of how your words or actions may impact other people
  • Practice consent (ask first!)

Respect The Space

  • Ask first before using equipment and supplies (get consent!)
  • Put away equipment & supplies you use
  • Leave no trace: place garbage, recycling, and compost in the bins


  • KIAC is NOT a space for sexual harassment, violence, aggression, oppressive behaviour, or discrimination.
  • Commit to holding yourself and each other accountable.
  • We can learn and grow from our mistakes.

If you experience or witness anything of concern:

  • Speak to a KIAC staff member or event/program lead, or
  • Use our online community feedback form (above), or
  • Contact the Executive Director


The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) Covid-19 plans are built on balancing the following:

  • Goal 1: Protecting our Vulnerable Populations such as children, seniors and Elders, and those with health conditions.
  • Goal 2: Enhancing Yukoners’ Wellbeing through social connection and creativity.

KIAC’s Covid19 protocols as of March 25, 2022 are as follows:

  • Masks are encouraged (but not mandatory) at all times, except when seated
  • Staff, volunteers, artists, participants, attendees MUST stay home if sick or symptomatic
  • All visitors to KIAC must follow guidelines posted at the entrances, which may change depending on the current situation

The building and high touch areas are disinfected regularly, and KIAC continues to follow recommendations from Yukon Chief Medical Office of Health (CMOH)


  • The building is accessible via ramp on the Princess St. side of the building, entering through the back (classroom space).
  • An elevator to the upper floor (ballroom) is located at the front of the building (on Second Ave). If entering the building through the back entrance, continue straight down the hall to reach the elevator. Please advise staff if using the elevator.
  • There are accessible, gender neutral washrooms on both floors.
  • Service dogs are welcome.
  • Street parking only.

Note: Dawson City consists mostly of dirt roads and wooden boardwalks. The step between road and boardwalk can be quite high in some places, especially at the corner of Princess St and 2nd Ave. We recommend using the laneway at the back of our building to access the boardwalk and ramp.

Macaulay House Artists’ Residence is not accessible at this time.


  • KIAC is fragrance-free space. Please do not wear perfume or other strongly scented products at KIAC. Vaping or smoking is not permitted indoors.
  • First Aid and Naloxone kits are available on both floors (in the upstairs kitchen and downstairs classroom). Safe drug use kits and harm reduction supplies are available in the upstairs bar/concession area.
  • Not all events or performances are suitable for all people. When appropriate, KIAC will list key elements that people should take into consideration before attending, such as:  strobes / lighting, volume, duration, age appropriateness, content warnings, etc. If you have any questions about a show or event, please reach out to us at or 867-993-5005.
  • KIAC aims for all events and performances to be financially accessible. We usually have a range of pricing options, but if something is out of your affordability range, please contact us to make alternate arrangements.
  • KIAC is in the process of formalizing a Code-of-Conduct and Safer Spaces policy to prevent and respond to a wide range of safety issues including sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour and other harmful or discriminatory actions. If you experience or witness anything of concern, please reach out to KIAC staff at events or contact us at or 867-993-5005.