Culture Quest

Culture Quest is an arts and cultural funding program that is supported by the Yukon Government (YG) and administered by the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC).

Press Release: New Administrator of Culture Quest Fund Announced (06/02/2019)


Culture Quest supports the expression of culture and art for Yukon performing, visual and literary artists. The program was developed to address the opportunities of art and culture representation at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and subsequent events such as Canada Winter Games, Pan Am/Parapan Games and Northern Scene. Culture Quest also supports First Nations cultural gatherings and festivals around the Yukon. In addition, Culture Quest funding supports the preparation and development of work to be showcased nationally or internationally.


A) First Nations expression of art in relation to cultural practices, enriching the lives of all Yukon residents. Such as: projects within cultural festivals and gatherings, song revival projects, story-telling projects, traditional dancing and other activities which involve public appreciation or engagement.

B) The continued growth and development of creation, performance or presenting capacity in the cultural sector, particularly in underserved communities or sectors. Such as: developing a performance circuit or a curated presentation space.

C) Support opportunities for artists to execute projects that explore and develop ties between contemporary art and cultural heritage or history.

D) Support Yukon artists to develop or prepare their work for the national or international stage. Such as: mounting or rehearsing a production for a national tour and other preparation activities or preparing for a national cultural event such as cultural contingent for major sporting games, Northern Scene, etc.


  • April 15 (Spring)
  • September 15 (Fall)
  • January 15 (Winter)

Application must be received on these dates by midnight PST. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline moves to the next business day.

The annual budget for Culture Quest is $157,000. The maximum allocation per application is $10,000. Typically, only one application per applicant can be funded each year.

Requests under $1000 may be submitted for consideration at any time, where special circumstances prevent the applicant from waiting until the next intake. The fund is adjudicated by the Culture Quest Selection Committee.

2019 Recipients

Artsnet Society
A year-round multidisciplinary Artist Residency offering one month residencies at the historic Jenni House in Shipyards Park, alongside the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse.

Caribou Woman Designs
Quill Walker: A research and skill-sharing project pertaining to porcupine quill work and caribou hair tufting.

Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre
An accomplished First Nation storyteller is invited and presented to the community to engage and re-kindle storytelling cultural practices.

Doug Smarch
Doug is creating three skin boats as training and exposure for youth.

Evan Rensch
Research Residency at Vermont Studio Centre: Silver gelatin dry plate photography (a historical process widely used during the late nineteenth century and during the Klondike Gold Rush).

The Heart of Riverdale
Youth artists will create and perform a multi-disciplinary showcase.

Jackie Olson
An installation of artwork inspired by raven using found objects, handmade paper, acrylics and other mediums.

Music Yukon
Music Yukon will take touring and Yukon-based music artists to present and perform in multiple Yukon communities in the lead up to BreakOut West.

Nakai Theatre
Nakai will convene a Knowledge Circle to incorporate vital Indigenous perspectives into upcoming programing. Listening to the Knowledge Circle will mean that we are working with the respect, protocols and considerations required to truly engage with the regional communities.

Rebekah Miller
Duck Triptych: The creation of visual art pieces which will be exhibited within a larger body of work, Skins, through the Yukon Arts Society in Whitehorse in 2020.

Robyn McLeod
Dene Futurisms Collection Project: The creation of a Dene and contemporary inspired fashion line to showcase at indigenous and exhibitions events around Canada in 2020.

Yukon First Nations Culture and Tourism Association
Yukon Indigenous Song and Language Collaboration

Skookum Jim Friendship Centre
Support for the 46th Annual Skookum Jim Folklore Show, which uplifts, nurtures, and give space for all indigenous people to showcase their culture and talents.

2020 Recipients

Borealis Soul
Borealis Soul has been selected through a juried selection process to perform at 100lux, a four-day street dance festival in downtown Montreal in April 2020.

Clea Roberts
A multi-disciplinary arts, culture and science project inspired by Tombstone Territorial Park in the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, culminating in a publication of book, online showcase and travelling exhibit.

Music Yukon
Music Yukon will bring three performers from different remote Yukon communities to Whitehorse in order to perform at the 2020 edition of Arts in the Park (AITP).

North Klondike Highway Music Society
Two full days of music and square-dance workshops at the upcoming Moosehide Gathering in 2020.

Rock the North
Rock the North will offer a weeklong, youth lead, youth-based social justice camp in Dawson City that uses rock and roll to empower and raise the voices of girls and gender expansive youth.