Job Opportunities

Youth Art Series- Art/Craft Instructor

KIAC is looking to hire instructors to run weekly art workshops for youth during the months of May, June, July and August.

Each instructor offers a series of four workshops in their chosen artistic medium. The workshops themselves are three hours long and build upon the knowledge and skills gained in the preceding workshop. Instructors are paid for the 3 hours of instruction, plus an extra 1.5 hours of preparation. All supplies for the workshop are either purchased by KIAC, or purchased by the instructor and reimbursed by KIAC.

Selected instructors should be practicing, local artists/crafters who either have formal training in their medium in the way of post-secondary degrees, apprenticeships and community studies or extensive experience gained through years of dedication to self-learning. They should also be experienced youth instructors.

Instructors will be required to do very minimal classroom management, as the Youth Centre supplies one or two youth workers to monitor the workshop. This partnership with the Youth Centre encourages youth to attend, and allows the art/craft instructor the space to focus on teaching, rather than classroom management.

About the Program

Youth Art Series is a workshop series for youth offered by the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC), in partnership with the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Youth Centre. Each month offers a new medium in which local artists are hired to teach weekly, three-hour, after-school workshops. The series is available to youth aged 12-18 and is offered free of charge.

Regarding the structure of the program, we offer one medium per month. For example, “Collective Creation: sets, masks, puppets and more!”, which runs for three hours per workshop, three times a month (ex: three Thursdays in a row). Generally, the day of the week stays the same, but it sometimes changes to adjust to holidays or other local events. The workshops take place at KIAC from 6pm-9pm. At the beginning of the workshop, the youth either arrive with the Youth Centre staff, or as individuals.  The instructor welcomes them to the space, offers them healthy snacks (supplied by KIAC), starts with some warm up activities and then introduces them to the medium of the month. Each session ends with the youth filling out feedback forms that will be used to develop future programming.

Essential Qualifications

-Experience teaching arts/crafts

-Experience working with youth

-Must be Dawson-based

How to apply

  1. Contact KIAC Programs Manager, Marie-Claire at or 993-5005 (or stop by the KIAC office!).
  2. The application process is casual, but it is recommended that you send us any of the following: a well thought out idea (or two) for your proposed workshop, proof of experience working with youth, examples (photos, etc) of art/crafts you’ve made, artist CV, teacher CV, etc.

Applications will be accepted on an on-going basis, until we have found instructors for all four months.

If you are selected as an instructor

If you qualify in terms of experience and workshop theme, we will contact you to further develop your workshop proposal, arrange for supplies to be purchased and determine exact dates  and times of the workshop.

Your responsibilities during the program

General responsibilities for each 3 hour workshop include:

  1. Preparing for workshop- 1.5hours paid.
  2. Teaching workshop- 3hours paid.
  3. Cleaning up workshop supplies (youth can help).
  4. Maintaining a positive and supportive environment during class hours.


Per month of employment:

4 workshops x 3 hours of instruction (and 1.5 hours of prep) each = 18 hours per month

Rate of pay $20/hr or $25/hr, depending on experience


If you have any questions, or wish to submit an application, contact KIAC Programs Manager, Marie-Claire at:


KIAC office (corner of 2nd and Princess)