Lotteries Yukon Contributes to Performing Arts in Dawson City

[Dawson City, Yukon] — The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) announces Lotteries Yukon’s substantial contribution of $43,862, covering 90% of the total cost, towards the purchase of a Wenger Stagetek modular stage for the KIAC Ballroom at Dënäkär Zho.

The Wenger Stagetek modular stage replaces an outdated, smaller, and less versatile stage that was reaching the end of its operational life. This investment by Lotteries Yukon not only ensures the longevity of the performance space but also elevates the artistic capabilities of the KIAC Ballroom.

Designed for professional use, the new stage will serve as the centerpiece for all KIAC performing arts programming, including concerts, theatre, dance, community open mics, and various other events. The new stage increases KIAC’s capacity to present performing arts events at a professional level and provide better experiences for artists and audience members.

In addition to supporting KIAC’s regular programming, the stage will be available to community members through KIAC member drop-in use. The KIAC Ballroom is also open for external use as a rental venue and accommodates conferences, gatherings, meetings, community events, and more.

For further information, please contact:

The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture