June 23 – August 11th*, 2022 (extended)
ARTIST TALK: Thursday, June 23, 7pm

Cowboys Can’t Sleep

I’m still a criminal in Texas. 

..and you’re welcome, I also invited that inner insomniac who feels fuckin’ crazy from lack of sleep and too much adderall. working hard hardly working. we’re all fuelled up. mostly on being an outlaw and always on the move, alllll the way, far away to just get stuck. stuck on one of those dizzy afternoons falling in the pit: watering woes, sun burning, pressed tin spinning, dead friends staring- better off than you could say so yourself. and ok, there you have it: barred, frayed n’ sun stained, all cops really are bastards. slipped out of the tank, blissed out, sun kissed, squinting thru crows feet.. desperately manic, can’t catch a wink, the morning after pulling a whisky binged solstice on the dome, inhaling camp smoke and blood stains from the mosquito bites you couldn’t stop itching while singing Conway Twitty on the top of your lungs, stumbling down the mountain with red eyes, crying on your knees at 4am and holding swaying black spruce for support while the swamp puddles soak up into your leather soled boots.

JUSTIN APPERLEY is an artist based in the traditional territory of the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in (Dawson City, Yukon Territory). Justin holds an MFA at The Glasgow School of Art and a BDes from OCAD and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Working with photography, sculpture and print media, Apperley’s practice deals with emerging themes of climate change, nomadic futures and alternative survival strategies.

Justin is a former KIAC Artist-in-Residence at the Macaulay House (2013) and has work acquired as part of the Yukon Permanent Art Collection (2020). Selected exhibitions include Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019, Leeds Art Gallery & South London Gallery, Leeds & London, UK (2019), Silver Linings, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, CA (2020), Last Futures, Tramway, Glasgow, UK (2018), and Pin-Up, Mercer Union, Toronto, CA (2011). Selected publications include Dust to Oaxaca, by Colour Code Printing, Toronto, CA (2016), and Freeze up / Break up, by Rockbottom Press, Los Angeles, USA (2015).

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