In the ODD Gallery: Alex Murphy

Anthology of Weeds Wild Flowers
May 5 – June 15, 2022

Yukon Riverside Arts Festival Programming:
Artist Talk & Reception: Thursday, June 9th, 6:30pm (Gallery Hop Stop)
Florentine Marbling Demo: Saturday, June 11th, 11am – 2pm @ Dawson Daily News (Print & Publishing Festival)
Gallery Visit with the artist: Sunday, June 12th
, 1 – 3pm

As a society, we are encouraged to explore external constructs and geographies, but rarely as individuals, are we encouraged to understand the internal landscape of the self.  Only when both internal and external are understood and valued is true integration possible.  

Themes of space, time, and difference have rooted in me and consistently express themselves through my work.  Natural environments have directed the content of my art through subjects of cartography, landscape, and botany. 

My work reconsiders traditional perspectives through the investigation of, and novel approaches to, historical technologies.  In this body of work, I have reimagined Florentine marbling and juxtaposed it with embroidery.  This layered confluence results in a kind of ethereal blueprint, where unusual spaces, small as seeds, form where they were once previously lacking.  These blueprints allude to transcendence from dichotomy and begin to acknowledge and reintegrate that which has been made, or viewed as, ‘other’.  

Fluid, wild and unruly lines of marbling create a foil for careful, regulated and intentional stitches of embroidery, combining dichotomous concepts that exist within me.  Although this body of work was created through my lens of queerness, my hope is that a plurality of identities finds space here. 

ALEX MURPHY is a queer visual artist and educator.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting from OCAD University.  Additionally, he holds Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture degrees from Dalhousie University.  Alex’s environmental and architectural studies significantly influence the direction and content of his art education and practice.  His work reconsiders themes of space, time, difference, and value.  Alex is compelled to critique antiquated perspectives, to innovate approaches to traditional technologies, and to construct new spaces in and with his practices.  His work has been exhibited in Italy, Ireland and Canada.

Alex is of settler descent and was born in Kespu’kwitk in Mi’kma’ki (southwestern Nova Scotia).  He currently lives and practices in Tkaronto (Toronto).

image: Alex Murphy, Epilogue (Anthology of Wild Flowers detail), 2020, embroidery on hand-marbled fabric, embroidery hoop