Artist Talk: Jean Paul Langlois

Thursday, November 26, 7pm. SOVA 4D Room
Jean Paul is a Metis artist from Vancouver Island, currently painting in East Vancouver. His work is  informed by television and cinema, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday  morning cartoons.   

Using ultra saturated colours, references to art history and well-worn cinema tropes, he seeks to understand the alienation to his own cultural backgrounds, both Metis and settler.  

His work is an examination of his own life , through the  reinterpertation of family stories using characters and motifs from the pop culture 
he was weaned on. 

For his KIAC residency, the project is titled “Beloved Wolf: An Examination of White Fang (or the Best Moments of my Life was Throwin’ Sticks for a Dog)”. He is producing three large paintings connecting the novel and its many film adaptations to his relationship with his own dog. 

Image: Stinky and Zeke VS The Garbage Bear, 2020, Acrylic On Canvas