In the ODD Gallery: Libby Hague

Detail from Every Heart Can Grow Bigger, Libby Hague Exhibtion


Opening Thursday, January 23
Artist Talk at 7:30PM in the ballroom| Reception to follow in the ODD Gallery at Dënäkär Zho / KIAC

         As long as we have natural disasters and wars, we will have displacement of people who try to survive. The hard part for those of us who are not victims is whether, and how much, we are willing to help.      

         Alone, we are brought into a brutal and primitive world that is almost unfathomably interdependent; it swirls belligerently with anger, resentment and prejudice. In spite of myths of self-reliance, our best selves are social. We want to belong. We need others. We want our lives to have a purpose, a meaning beyond survival.

         In the escape and rescue stories in this exhibition, women rescue themselves and other women in an anxious procession around the gallery. Like every migration, it is dangerous to seek a better life.

         Borders are closing while walls and water are rising; the women run, jump, hide, swim, climb and fly. A few make it alone; most don’t get far until they begin to help each other.

         The meaning offered here comes through cooperation and friendship. We have to try. Although it’s hard to believe hope is still possible, every heart can grow bigger.

         — Libby Hague