November 8

Yukon 48 Film Challenge

Screening Friday, November 8, KIAC Ballroom
Doors at 7pm, Films at 7:30
Admission by Donation

The Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (KIAC) and the Yukon Film Society (YFS) present the 2019 Yukon 48 Film Challenge.

20 Films Made last weekend!

95 minute screening with an intermission
Vote for the Audience favourite!

Chicken Chicken! By The Potorokas (5m)
Friends by Daphne (5m)
Super-Sweet by Meg Walker (5m)
Electric Truck by Peter Menzies and Jay Armitage (3m)
Wild & Precious Life by Jon Gelinas and Sam Skinner (5m)
Alice in Innovatorland by Victoria Kennedy, Claire Robson, Rick Yorganson (5m)
(BFF) Big Foot Friend by Douglas Joe, Dustin & Adam Titus, Sean & Troy Barnaby(5m)
Yard Work by Chelsea Jeffrey (3m)
Mad Dash by Rebecca Manias and Liz McCarville (5m)
Whistle While You Work by Cud Eastbound (5m)


Time Together by Pauline Gallinet (2m)
Alien Wolf Girl by Marina Osmond (5m)
Perfect by Alison Menzies, Alexa Newhouse, Drew Smith (4m)
Witch Way by Marjorie Logue and Victoria Parker (5m)
Couch by Dieter Weise and Kim Beggs (5m)
Everything is Fine by Death Shepherd (4m)
Fish Sin by Lulu Keating (2m)
Them Two by Bennie Alain (4m)
Emit Tsevrah by Bobby Ronka (5m)
From the Future by Chris McNutt, Roy Ness, Emily Sheff (5m)