Dawson Film Lab Screening- Aug 30th

The Dawson Film Lab is a unique filmmaking experience taking place in Dawson City, August 25-30.

A 5 day short film event in which 9 filmmakers participate in a collaborative exchange of ideas and knowledge and produce short films in 5 days.

The Lab will end with a screening event on August 30, to view the works made during the week. KIAC Ballroom, 7pm. Admission by Donation.

We are pleased to announce the participating filmmakers:
Kyath Battie (Regina) www.kyathbattie.com/
Vivian Belik (Whitehorse) www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/filmmakers/vivian-belik
Suzanne Crocker (Dawson City) https://firstweeat.ca/
Lulu Keating (Dawson City) www.redsnapperfilms.ca/
Annie Kierans (Dawson City) https://vimeo.com/anniekierans
Brian Lye (Nelson, BC) www.brianlye.com/
Veronica Verkley (Dawson City) www.veronicaverkley.com/
Nettie Wild (Vancouver) www.canadawildproductions.com/

For questions and more information please email filmfest@kiac.ca

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