KIAC Members’ Exhibition 2019: …Only in Dawson

Jan 25 – Feb 22, 2019
Opening Friday, January 25 at 7:00pm in the ODD Gallery

Remi Dean | Jacob John Armstrong | Courtney Wallace | Mobius Collective | Aubyn O’Grady | Andy Pelletier | John Lodder | Anne Saunders | Beez Duncan | Erika Marzinotto | Erica Barta | Palma Berger | Wanda Jackel | Helen Dewell | Ange Bonnici | Riley Brennan | Tamika Knutson | Jackie Olson | Helen Dewell | Devon Bergqvist | Sue Parsons | Cari Tangedal | Lulu Keating | Evan Rensch | Joanne Van Nostrand | Young Jim | Caveman Bill

“… only in Dawson”.
How many times have you heard this phrase uttered by similarly perplexed spectators? Or how many times have you gleefully shouted this phrase from the centre of the spectacle?

Dawson is a place where characters are colourful and resilient; seasons extreme and beautiful; stories unbelievable and sometimes true…

Things go wrong in -40, nothing is hidden by 24-hour daylight and great feats are achieved by small numbers of individuals.

We invite you to share what you have been inspired, or perhaps driven, to do …only in Dawson.

*Part of (S)HIVER Winter Arts Festival