Confluence at the SOVA Gallery: Virginia Mitford: Alluvium, To Wash Against

Virginia Mitford
Alluvium, To Wash Against

July 27 to Aug 12
Opening night: July 27 @ 7pm

Alluvium, To Wash Against presents two bodies of work by Virginia Mitford that consider printmaking to be both a subject and medium. A Study of Action and Movement is a series of short video animations that uses an extensive series of multilayered stone lithographs as stills. Through the project she looks at how the repetitive gestures involved in printmaking can ground herself within her body and her physical surroundings, while linking the process of lithography to her childhood experience of a flood. Viscera documents the varied discomforts of her body throughout a month of drawing. Using one plate to make many variations of the shifting image, she also explores the capacity of limestone (used as the printing plate for stone lithography) to change and yet hold the history of mark-making within its chemical structure.

Confluence at the SOVA Gallery
is a DIY community exhibition series which offers a space for KIAC members working in any medium to exhibit their artwork throughout the summer months. The SOVA Gallery is located in the Yukon School of Visual Arts at 3rd and Queen in Dawson City.