In the ODD Gallery: Jacinthe Loranger


Nov 17 – Dec 17, 2016
Opening reception and artist talk Nov 17, 7:30pm
In opposition to the banality of everyday life, Loranger makes surreal iconographies and narratives of paper, fragmenting mythological symbols.

Equal parts blatant humour and suppressed horror, Bananapocalypse Now! is a theatre stage where the players are activated (and complicated) by a variety of mythological symbols.

Loranger silkscreens drawings and patterns onto paper, then fills the gallery by forming wall-works and sculptures with their bright colour schemes. The final touch – varnishing them with sugar-water – gives the gallery a cotton-candy-like aroma, an untrustworthy sweetness.
The scenes represent the ruins of a place of worship, breaking boundaries between old, new, possible and impossible religions. Like a banana split under the summer sun, characters will melt together and fade into abstraction.
Bananpocalypse Now! See You In The Oblivion is a still frame, frozen in time, between two states of decomposition.


Jacinthe Loranger’s fantastical fictions explore different universal emotions and psychological states. She uses them to revisit mythology, cosmogony, and personal relations to the sublime and to nature. In opposition to the everyday, her work offers a luminous, unhinged alternative world where every excess is a blissful celebration.

Loranger’s constructed narratives compose a multi-layered framework of a mystic quest. She seeks to create her own mythology, derived from a patchwork of cultural references. Psychedelic and poetic scenes allow the coming together of unlike universes to explore various charged emotional and psychological states.

Jacinthe Loranger has a B.A. in visual arts from UQÀM in 2001 and has been practicing printing arts for more than 10 years. She has made numerous installations where silkscreening is explored in all its possibilities. Lorannger has participated in several artist residencies in Canada and France, notably at Dernier Cri. She has exhibited in many solo and group shows across Canada, including the heavy metal-infused Neon Knight Is A Digital Bitch at the Eastern Edge Gallery, 2012.

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