Artist’s Talk and Opening Reception, Thursday, June 30, 7:30pm

Joi Arcand’s Through That Which Is Scene opens tonight and we couldn’t be more excited! Not being able to resist peeking in on the installation process, we’ve been privy to the intricate construction of the most wondrous scenes. Tonight’s gallery opening will charm you with its bright touches of nostalgia and its darkly humorous exploration of identity.

Through That Which Is Scene is a mixed-media installation that centres around miniature cardboard cutouts created from several decades of Arcand’s family’s photos. The First Nations artist uses the cutouts to reconstruct memories and present family history as a tongue-in-cheek display of supposed curiosities. Colonized assumptions about “The Indian” fall into disarray through her blend of nostalgia and pop culture.

The dioramas are accompanied by Viewmasters, vintage toys typically used to observe postcard-perfect landscapes and cultural icons. Clicking through these colour-drenched “tourist reels” will give visitors a glimpse of how new identities can be imagined.

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Join us in the ODD Gallery at 7:30 for the Artist’s Talk and 8:30 for the Reception.