Yukon 48 Challenge


Congratulations to Christopher Griffiths, Tyler Kuhn, Kieran O’Donovan, whose film Enough to Get By won the jury prize at this years Yukon 48 Challenge. Featuring stunning cinematography and thoughtful editing, the film was a visual and aural delight.

The jury also awarded Honorable Mentions to Kit Hepburn’s Self Portrait with Migraine and Sarah Pupo’s Insomnia.

Large audiences in both Whitehorse and Dawson City also had their say, with Mannie Sharma’s Shopping Carts winning the Whitehorse audiences heart while Alyssa Friesen and Dan DeGroot’s Is This Vegan? was the favourite taste of the Dawson City audience!

With films that crossed both the country (Ottawa, Halifax) and oceans (Australia), a big thanks to all the filmmakers who participated in this event. Thanks also to audiences in both Whitehorse and Dawson City for their support and enthusiasm at the screenings!