In the ODD Gallery: Jay White


March 15 – April 14, 2007

Opening Thursday, March 15, 2007 | Artist talk & Screening 7pm

Animation and drawing let me bring life to the worlds and characters that frequent my imagination.  I strive to continually improve my process of creation, and to make quality, spirited films that challenge my abilities and express my thoughts to wider and diverse audiences.  Art should be fun to create, and I hope my final product reflects the enjoyment and care that I put into it.

It is a popular misperception that computer animation is a specialized technical process with a limited stylistic palette.  In reality, 3D computer animation is an emerging creative medium, and artists are only beginning to see the potential for innovation and expression with 3D animation software.  By using a style that matches the spontaneous spirit of my drawings and paintings, I am pushing the perceived limits of 3D animated films.  Boar Attack is the latest of these films.

I started Boar Attack with a few drawings on a single sketchbook page.  Then I mimicked the look of those sketches throughout the film, in the designs of the characters, props, and background paintings.  While working on the drawings and paintings that went into this work, I noticed that I was unintentionally creating interesting images; multiple textures of the pig’s hair formed an abstract pattern on a page; leaves and trees drawn to suit a particular camera angle formed appealing compositions on the page.

Behind the Screens is the first of many gallery shows where I will present animations with their associated artworks.  I believe that animation shown at festivals and on television is not always an accurate presentation of animation as an art form.  Animation is a cross between film and drawing, and sometimes the “art” of creation is lost in the leisure/entertainment setting of a living room or movie theatre.  A gallery setting is a more natural venue to present my animation because its related 2D artwork affords the viewer a more complete idea of the process and mediums I use.

I always remind myself that, as long as I continue to work on a piece, it will resolve itself.  Trusting that a piece will evolve to a successful conclusion is one of the most amazing things about art.  By looking at the sequence of works in this show, I hope to shine a light on the evolution of a film, from its initial concept to the final product.