The Films of Pixie Cram- Sept 5th

Join current artist in Resident Pixie Cram as she presents a selection of her short films.
Thursday, September 5, 7pm, KIAC Ballroom. FREE!

Pragmatopia, 2019, 30 min. (Science Fiction)
Inspired by the Chernobyl aftermath, the film follows two young women as they journey from the outskirts of the city to a radioactive area deep in the woods. Along the way, they encounter a young drifter. As they travel together, they are forced to confront their new reality.

Emergency Broadcast, 2017, 7 min. (Animation)
Built at the height of the Cold War to withstand a five-megaton nuclear assault, the Diefenbunker is a massive underground, four-storey, 100,000-square-foot fortress designed and constructed entirely in secrecy in 1959. Inspired by the objects, rooms, and spaces of this Canadian Historic Site, the stop-animation film imagines the beginning of a nuclear war.

Joan, 2014, 7 min. (Animation)A surreal and materialist version of the story of Joan of Arc. The film was created using stop-motion animation technique during a residency at DAÏMÔN in Gatineau, Quebec.

The Stone Dreams of the Cell, 2018, 2min.(Animation)
Inspired by Alain Cavalier’s film La Rencontre (1996), I created this hand-processed super-8 film to explore objects and textures, both organic and inorganic.

For more info on Pixie and her residency, click here.