Confluence: 2017 Exhibitors


Confluence at the SOVA Gallery is a DIY community exhibition series which offers a space for KIAC Members working in any medium to exhibit their artwork during the summer months.

2017 Season Exhibitors


Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival: An Exhibit of Prints by Dawson Artists
June 7 to June 10
Opening Night: June 7 @ 5:30

From KIAC’s own Screen Printing Club, to making prints in candlelit cabins, the printmakers of Dawson City have been busily preparing for the much anticipated 2017 Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival. Our Confluence Gallery exhibit of local prints will kick off the exciting week of festivities by giving viewers a glimpse of all that is possible within the realm of printmaking.

James Healey

Garden Party
June 15 to July 1
Opening night: June 15 @ 7pm

This past winter I have become increasingly interested in colours and how they shape images together and even give them meanings. The simple act of placing one colour beside another can create a dialogue about reality and creation, placing two things beside each other to communicate inside of their own world. Our choices of dialogue with our environment echo each other in colour and form, with only the domination of the one over the other as communication between flower, face, structure and movement. Thus my exhibition Garden Party is an ideology.

Garden Party is a celebration of that unresolvable tension between a loose organic world and our constructed one. Viewers can get lost in the work, ponder the meanings, ideologies and communications.


Meg Walker & Jeffrey Langille

Noisy Pictures
July 6 to July 22
Opening night: July 6 @ 7pm

Noisy Pictures presents the work of two artists who explore relationships between sound and image. Jeffrey Langille has set a static landscape in motion through the act of walking with a camera; Meg Walker creates still images in response to a selection of her ongoing Yukon field recordings through the act of drawing.


Virginia Mitford

A Study of Action and Movement (Water, Stone, Ink and Cloth)

July 27 to Aug 12
Opening night: July 27 @ 7pm

A Study of Action and Movement is a series of short video animations that uses an extensive series of multilayered stone lithographs as stills. The work was produced during a four month long residency at Atelier Graff in Montreal and follows my previous print animation project entitled Interior Erosion. These animations pay homage to how much effort goes into one piece of artwork, and how that work can often be repetitive, unglamorous and yet deeply satisfying. Through this project I find links between art making and the rest of daily life by observing concrete actions and movements as a common denominator. The idea of art and work ultimately being the same in their necessity and lack of glamour challenges what is often expected of an inspiration based occupation. It is possible that any gesture can be just as creative as those used to create a painting or print, if similarities of action and movement are considered. However, as laborious as it is to make lithographs, the final animations are reminiscent of “gifs”: fast, dispensable and easy to create with a computer and the internet.

In tandem with this project, I would like to show a selection of around ten prints from another lithography-based project entitled Viscera. This series of prints documents the capacity of limestone (used as the printing plate for the stone lithography printmaking process) to undergo change and yet to still hold the history of mark-making within it’s chemical structure. I started with a single drawing on the stone, then transformed and added onto it, printing every step in the process and layering onto previous prints. My choice of marks also documents the varied discomforts within my body throughout the time I was working on the project. In a similar way to A Study of Action and Movement, both projects look to lithography as a both subject and a medium through which I can examine personal experiences.

In my art practice, I use the often repetitive physical process of printmaking, as well as drawing, video and performance to cope with the inevitable weight of personal history. Loss, within the context of my childhood as well as in present day experiences, frightens and compels me. My memories of growing up with sled dogs on a remote trap line in the Yukon wilderness have greatly informed my practice; the beauty, quietness and isolation of the place have always fed my profound attachment to our homestead and dogs, while also making change and duration an undeniable part of life. I use art making as a tool to orient myself within this overwhelming store of memory, experience and emotion while attempting to look to the present as a renewed source of meaning. This body of work draws from the intention to create that shift of focus. By using the time-consuming process of printmaking as a tool to disrupt and alter nostalgia, a new emotional context is given the space to develop in response to an experience.


KIAC Members’ Exhibit

Theme TBA
August 17 to Sept 9
Opening night: Aug 17 @ 6pm (as part of the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival Gallery Hop)
*Stay tuned for the Call for Submissions!*