The Kids Are Alright

Today’s first screening showed that talented filmmakers can come at an early age. The 2 p.m. Yukon Youth showing featured 11 short films by Canadian kids, including five by Yukoners. From the whimsical to the profound, and from animation to documentaries, the young artists displayed real creativity in their stories and their production techniques.

Not surprisingly, films by Dawsonites garnered the most enthusiastic reception. Jack Amos, who has already made a name for himself in local theatre, tackled the world of cinema with his claymation piece Cirq “no” soclay. Tess Crocker, whose mom Suzanne has also shown at DCISFF in the past, produced a drama mystery titled The Secrets of the Secret Mansion. Oliver Fiegel’s documentary The Rib Off chronicles a fierce local cooking competition.


Dan Dowhal