The 2018 Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival: Writing Workshops

All writing workshops take place at the Yukon School of Visual Arts library. Space is limited, so please register in advance at KIAC – 867 993 5005 or

Sat, June 2 – 1pm (90 mins)
Talking the Talk: a live performance workshop for writers, poets and storytellers with Ivan Coyote
Ivan Coyote is the author of 9 collections of short stories, one novel, the editor of an anthology, and the producer of four short films and three albums that combine storytelling with music. Still, Ivan makes most of their living as a full-time writer and storyteller from live performances. Join Ivan in this workshop designed to help you transform your nervous energy into a memorable reading. With tips on selecting material, preparing your work for performance, memorization (or not), and how to make your body language work for you. Ivan will also share some stage secrets about microphones, sound guys, and selling your books. To get the most out of this workshop participants should bring a 3 minute selection of their work to be staged, if desired.

Sat, June2 – 3pm (90mins)
Storytelling workshop with David Alexander Robertson
An intimate conversation with graphic novelist and writer David A. Robertson focusing on storytelling and teaching Indigenous history, culture, and contemporary issues through literature.

Sat, June 2 – 5pm (90 mins)
Tuning In: Creative Strategies with John K. Samson & Christine Fellows
This workshop, open to artists of all disciplines, discusses creative strategies for generating the material to begin working on a work of art. We will cover sound exercises, collaging, directed writing, and research technique collaborations that have been helpful for the hosts when starting new work.

Sun, June 3 – 11am – 2pm
Memoir writing salon with Laurel Parry
Writers and fans of memoir are welcome to join Laurel in an informal setting to discuss memoir and creative non-fiction. Participants are asked to bring a five-minute chunk of memoir (either their own work, or something from another author) to read aloud to the group. The participants can ask for feedback on their work, or offer another’s writing to generate discussion.

Sun, June 3 – 3pm (90mins)
Writing short fiction with Carleigh Baker
This workshop deals with writing short fiction, focusing on issues of cultural appropriation, sensitivity readers, writing Indigenous characters and themes, and building accountable and lasting relationships with the Indigenous communities you want to write about.