The 2018 Dawson Daily News Print & Publishing Festival: Schedule

Wed, May 30

Opening event

7pm at the Dawson Daily News
Dawson Daily News Open House featuring:
Behind the scenes Dawson Daily News tours presented by
Parks Canada Klondike National Historic Sites
Comic Launch: Bacchanalia By Kimberly Edgar
Dawson City Pop Uplibrary
book sale, and more

[Thur / Fri / Sat / Sun] 11am – 6pm
Printmaking workshops, demonstrations and events at the Dawson Daily News including relief printmaking with Ryan O’Malley & Cassie Normandy O’Malley
Participants of all skill levels are invited to participate in a one-of-a-kind workshop investigating techniques of relief printmaking in black and white and reductive methods. Participants will learn the vast applications of relief printmaking through personal exploration and collaborative practices. Topics covered include drawing and transferring, carving, registration, press printing, hand burnishing, textile printing and tool care. Each participant will create a unique image for inclusion in a mural to be installed in a specific public location. Additionally, Ryan O’Malley will show and discuss prints from his extensive collection.


Thurs, May 31

11am – 6pm:
 Printmaking workshops, demonstrations and events at the Dawson Daily News

Special Events
7pm at the Yukon School of Visual Arts
Confluence at the SOVA Gallery exhibition opening (artist TBD)

9pm at the Westminster Hotel Lounge
Open Mic Night

Fri, June 1

11am – 6pm: 
Printmaking workshops, demonstrations and events at the Dawson Daily News

5:30pm at the Dawson Daily News
Presentation: Cryptocurrencies, the BlockChain and Publishing

Everyone has heard about BitCoin—but this early implementation of BlockChain technology is really only one possible use of the vast potential of digital ledgers. This talk by artist and online publishing specialist Christopher Healey provides an introduction to decentralized technologies and presents a survey of some of these emerging platforms that could shift online publishing practices back towards profitability and creative control over content. As the internet and social media were paradigm shifts for artists and publications, decentralized systems also promise to topple today’s communications conventions such as Facebook and Google.

7:00pm at the Palace Grand Theatre
An evening of readings, storytelling, and performances with host Laurel Parry, Carleigh Baker, Ivan Coyote, John K Samson & Christine Fellows

Sat, June 2

11am – 6pm: 
Printmaking workshops, demonstrations and events at the Dawson Daily News

Writing workshops at the Yukon School of Visual Arts Library – Please register in advance at 867 993 5005 or

1:00pm (~90 mins)
Talking the Talk:a live performance workshop for writers, poets and storytellers with Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote is the author of 9 collections of short stories, one novel, the editor of an anthology, and the producer of four short films and three albums that combine storytelling with music. Still, Ivan makes most of their living as a full-time writer and storyteller from live performances. Join Ivan in this workshop designed to help you transform your nervous energy into a memorable reading. With tips on selecting material, preparing your work for performance, memorization (or not), and how to make your body language work for you. Ivan will also share some stage secrets about microphones, sound guys, and selling your books. To get the most out of this workshop participants should bring a 3 minute selection of their work to be staged, if desired.

3:00pm (~90 mins)
Storytelling workshop with David Alexander Robertson
An intimate conversation with graphic novelist and writer David A. Robertson focusing on storytelling and teaching Indigenous history, culture, and contemporary issues through literature.

5:00pm (~90 mins)
Tuning In: Creative Strategies with John K. Samson & Christine Fellows
This workshop, open to artists of all disciplines, discusses creative strategies for generating the material to begin working on a work of art. We will cover sound exercises, collaging, directed writing, and research technique collaborations that have been helpful for the hosts when starting new work.

Special Event
7:30pm at the KIAC Ballroom
David Alexander Robertson Keynote talk
The path to reconciliation is paved with story, a process of remembering that informs how we live and the direction we are headed. Lasting change and transformative healing happens in this way, and involves reclaiming what has been ignored or appropriated. This reclamation is happening now. In 2017, five of ten bestselling children’s books in Canadian independent book stores were written by Indigenous authors, and several more populated the fiction and non-fiction lists. One of those books was “When We Were Alone” by David A. Robertson, a picture book that educates Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth about residential school history in Canada. It is one in a growing catalogue of literature that creates a different truth that comes from a mutual understanding of history and its impact. In this presentation, David A. Robertson shares his personal experience in reconciliation, and how his own process of healing is one that applies to all Canadians, and has always involved story.

Sun, June 3

11am – 6pm:
 Printmaking workshops, demonstrations and events at the Dawson Daily News

Writing workshops at the Yukon School of Visual Arts Library – Please register in advance at 867 993 5005 or

11:00am – 2:00pm
Memoir writing salon with Laurel Parry
Writers and fans of memoir are welcome to join Laurel in an informal setting to discuss memoir and creative non-fiction. Participants are asked to bring a five-minute chunk of memoir (either their own work, or something from another author) to read aloud to the group. The participants can ask for feedback on their work, or offer another’s writing to generate discussion.

3:00pm (~90 mins)
Writing short fiction with Carleigh Baker
This workshop deals with writing short fiction, focusing on issues of cultural appropriation, sensitivity readers, writing Indigenous characters and themes, and building accountable and lasting relationships with the Indigenous communities you want to write about.

5:30pm at the Dawson Daily News
Artist talks with Ryan O’Malley & Cassie Normandy O’Malley
Ryan O’Malley is an Associate Professor of Art and Graduate Coordinator at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. As an artist, educator and member of the Outlaw Printmakers, his work has been included in numerous national and international exhibitions, publications, portfolios and collections. He has exhibited internationally including Russia, Japan, France, China, Mexico, Italy, Latvia and Iran. His expertise is included in Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Process, Second Edition, by Fick and Grabowski.

Cassie O’Malley was born and raised in central Texas and received her BFA in Studio Art in 2013 from Texas State University. She received her MFA in Printmaking in May of 2018 from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her work has been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally, with recent exhibitions in Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, and Iran.

Special Event
7:30pm at the KIAC Ballroom
End Quote: Readings, storytelling, and performances with Sandy Pool and Dawson City writers