Volunteering with at KIAC is a wonderful introduction to the arts community in Dawson City, a great way of gaining experience in many areas of the arts, and of course, lots of fun! Your contribution, even if you can only spare an hour or two, is immensely appreciated. Depending on the event, volunteering may also provide you with free entry!

There are many ways to volunteer at KIAC and we are happy to look for opportunities that match your interests. Some casual volunteer activities that we regularly recruit for are:

  • Bakers and Cooks
    Whether it’s the Film Festival, Youth Art Enrichment, or another event, we’re always looking for folks to help prepare, cook, and serve a variety of meals and food.
  • Billets
    This entails hosting a performer or artist over one or multiple days. Often, they are from outside the territory so they’re eager to learn about Dawson and see the sights! Note: due to COVID, we are not currently billeting.
  • Concession & Bartenders
    This is a great way to see a show and be social!
  • Drivers
    Maybe an artist needs to be picked up from the airport. Maybe you’re able to run an errand for KIAC while in Whitehorse. Maybe we need to transport tables from one place to another. Regardless, driving is a great way to help out!
  • Front of House
    KIAC hosts many events within our building, but almost just as many in other places! We often need volunteers to perform front of house duties which can range from greeting and seating audiences in the KIAC ballroom to “ushering” vehicles at a Drive-In Film Screening.
  • Gallery Sitters
    Between the ODD Gallery, the SOVA Confluence summer series, and the Riverside Arts Festival, we are always looking for individuals interested in gallery sitting – that is, being a friendly welcoming face to greet viewers while supervising the gallery during open hours.
  • Maintenance
    Do you like handy work? Got a hankering for grass mowing? There are plenty of odd jobs to be done at KIAC, the Camera Obscura, and the Macaulay House. Examples include: raking leaves, yard maintenance, etc.
  • Social Media Content Creators
    Will you be at an event? Feel free to take photos and videos for us to share later on!
  • Tech
    Technical help can range from live sound production, to lighting and rigging, to stage and set building, to equipment maintenance (think kiln! video equipment! piano!). If you are technically inclined, let us know in what area and we’ll find a place for you!
  • Writers
    Whether it’s an exhibition review, a community interview, or an article for the paper, we welcome those who have a passion for creative writing. Get in touch to see what we have on the go!

KIAC also has more intensive volunteering opportunities for those who are inclined:

  • Committees
    Such as: the ODD Gallery and Residency Committee, and Arts Fest, Film Fest, and Performing Arts committees which provide programming advice, support, and ideas to KIAC staff.
  • Fundraising
    Are you a great coordinator? Know how to get the ball rolling? We welcome all kinds of creative ideas for fundraisers and encourage folks to help us make the magic happen. Past examples of volunteer-led fundraisers include: Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf, themed dance parties, film screenings, and more.
  • Governance
    Joining the KIAC Board of Directors is an exciting way to see the organization’s inner workings and learn about non-profit governance and leadership. Stay tuned for an upcoming AGM to join the Board!

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about volunteer opportunities.