Get Involved! Help out with Youth Art Enrichment!

KIAC is in search of folks to host a meal st KIAC for our upcoming Youth Art Enrichment program, March 10th-15th. This is an awesome program that requires a lot of community support – but don’t worry, it’s fun and easy to help out!What is Youth Art Enrichment (YAE)?
YAE is an annual four-day intensive art program for Yukon youth (aged 14-18) hosted by KIAC. This long-running program is now in its 18th year.

What does hosting a meal entail?
Hosting really just means providing a meal (lunch or dinner) for about 40 hungry youth, instructors and chaperones! Though for the Thursday night dinner we invite parents and other guests, making it closer to 55 people.

You would be responsible for:

  • Choosing the menu for your meal
  • Purchasing the food (we will provide you with a PO to use at Bonanza and the General Store)
  • Sourcing a kitchen helper or two, if required
  • Preparing the meal on the day of
  • Clean up following the meal

Meal and Date options:
Lunch (12-1pm) and Dinner (6-7pm) will be offered throughout the program starting with Dinner on Sunday, March 10th and ending with Dinner on Thursday March 14th.

Other info:
Meals provided during the program do not need to be fancy by any means! We’re happy to be able to provide basic, hearty, home-cooked food for the youth.
Past meals include: Tacos, Soup & Sandwiches, Chili, Mac & Cheese, Pizza, Lasagna, Pierogies, Stew, Curry…and many more.

*Want to help out but can’t do a meal? We’re also looking for a variety of baking over the course of the program and would happily take anything you can offer.

Please contact Catherine or Devon at or call 993-5005 if you’re interested. We need all the help we can get!