2019 Yukon Riverside Arts Festival – Gallery Hop Application


The Yukon Riverside Arts Festival Gallery Hop is an immersive evening of art, food, drink, games and conversation. This is the kick-off event for the weekend and a chance for people to enjoy spending time visiting galleries (formal, informal, imaginative) and experiencing local art. If you would like to be involved this year, either though displaying work inside a location around town or performing outside, we’d love to hear from you! All mediums are welcome!

Examples of successful Gallery Hop stops we’ve seen in the past: installations in various historic buildings in town, artist-business collaborations, outdoor self portrait stations… Think outside the box!


Read the following information and fill in the application at the bottom of the page


Artists/businesses will be selected by members of the Yukon Arts Fest Committee based on the quality of their applications and the feasibility of their project.


Once the deadline has passed, artists/businesses will be notified as soon as possible.


Artists are responsible for the transportation, set up and tear down of their installation/exhibit.

All set up must be completed by 7pm, Thursday, August 15th.


Please include your community or city of residence.

Gallery Hop "Hop Stop" Details

Please include the name, address, and any other relevant information pertaining to the proposed venue. If you do not have an artist selected, we will pair you up!
Please provide a short summary of your work and of the specific work you'd like to display in the Gallery Hop. Feel free to include a link to your portfolio.
Please provide a 2-3 sentence blurb describing your gallery hop stop including venue and artist information. If either the artist or venue are TBD, we will contact you for details.

If you have any questions regarding this application, please contact admin@kiac.ca or call us at 867-993-5005