Yukon Riverside Arts Festival – Apply

The Yukon Riverside Arts Festival provides an accessible environment for community members and visitors to interact with and celebrate the arts. The Festival welcomes artists practicing traditional and contemporary art forms and features exhibitions, artist demonstrations, lectures, live music, art installations, and art market, and more!



Thursday, August 15th

The opening night gallery hop is a community-building event in which local galleries, businesses, cafes, etc, open their doors to the public for an evening of art appreciation! Local artists and businesses may apply to be one of the “stops” visited during the Gallery Hop.


August 17th, 18th

The live music stage is located in the main festival grounds (on front street, next to the Art Market). Interested musicians may apply for time slots on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.


Saturday, August 17th
Sunday, August 18th

The Artist Demonstration Tent (located on front street, between the gazebo and the Art Market) will be open Saturday and Sunday of the festival and will offer a wide variety of artist demonstrations, many of them interactive (hands-on!) and kid-friendly. Demonstrating Artists engage with the public during set hours on the Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday of the festival. Your artistic demonstration can be hands-on or hands-off, though we do encourage a hands-on element.

Examples of demonstrations we’ve had in the past are: wood carving, stained glass, porcupine quill weaving, beading, printmaking, willowing weaving, etc. You will have the option of applying for one, two or three of the days.


Beyond the walls of the Artist Demonstration Tent is the possibility of offering a handful of art installations or exhibitions scattered around town; these projects are varied in structure and duration so the feasibility of each application will be considered on a case by case basis.  Artists wishing to propose installations/performances/exhibitions that do not fall into the “Demonstration” category should fill out the “Other Proposal” section of the application. “Other” projects must be complete and ready to exhibit/perform prior to the start of the festival (August 15th).

Examples of successful “other” projects we’ve had in the past are: lecture series, film installations, mini exhibitions/installations, etc.


August 17-18

Artists wishing to sell their handmade art are welcome to reserve a table for the Saturday and/or Sunday of the festival. Tables must be run by the artist (or by someone chosen by the artist), so keep that in mind should you also be interested in applying as a Demonstrating Artist. the Art Market will be buzzing with many community members and visitors that love to support local artists. Table prices for the weekend are: $50 for KIAC Members OR $60 for non-members. *Must pay at same time as registration*

Apply here: email KIAC Administrative Assistant at admin@kiac.ca or call (867)993-5005