20/20 Sponsorship: Corporate Supporters


The Downtown Huge thanks to the Downtown Hotel for being a 2020 corporate sponsor at the Fortissimo (as loud as possible) level as well as for their ongoing sponsorship for many years. The Downtown has been providing accommodation for the artists in our Performing Arts Series; the many concerts and plays simply could not happen without this support. The Downtown
has also given us rooms for students and instructors in our Youth Art Enrichment program–another great program that would not happen without their support.

A special thanks to the Downtown for finding rooms for the Sadies on Discovery Day weekend–not an easy feat on such a busy weekend!!!!

Huge thanks for Air North for their ongoing support for KIAC programs. This year the Air North contribution is going towards bringing the Sadies for Arts Festival.

Because of their contribution, these concerts will be fundraisers for KIAC’s 20/20 Campaign and for the ODD Gallery.

KIAC considers Air North our official airline and we appreciate their commitment to us and to many other community groups.

Henry Gulch EnterprisesWe would like to extend our sincere thanks to the first corporate sponsor of our 20/20 Fundraising Campaign: Henry Gulch Explorations Ltd. John and Sylvia sponsored the launch and first fundraising event of the campaign, Petunia and the Vipers, Live at the Palace Grand. And a grand time it was!!!