20/20 Profile: Paying it forward motivates this community philanthropist

Duncan Sinclair Duncan Sinclair has supported KIAC for over a decade, but this year he’s quadrupled his annual gift in recognition of our 20th Anniversary. He’s got a lot to say about our work:

KIAC sets an exemplary Northern and Circumpolar example, contributes to new Artistic pathways, honours and presents Artists of all genres, disciplines and backgrounds without equivocation.

I worked with a U.S. mineral exploration and development company that was active in the Klondyke for many years. So I paid it forward by supporting KIAC.

Born and raised in the Territory, Duncan has a lot of fingers in lots of artistic pies and enterprises. He’s one of the three founders of what has become the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse. Currently he is the President & Artistic Director of Jazz Yukon, part of ArtsNet and the Jenni House Artist Residency and the Past Chair of the Yukon Arts Centre and the Yukon Arts Foundation.

He’s also a saxophone player and recently has played with various bands at Dawson City Music Festivals and special KIAC events, including many at the Palace Grand Theatre.

“There is no rest” Duncan observes, “but I am going strong. Not dead yet.”

A concert at the KIAC Ballroom

Thank you Duncan from the entire KIAC community! 

KIAC is a Registered Charitable Non-Profit Organization and as such can issue tax receipts for donations. As an individual and through his business, the Integrated Solutions Group, Duncan donated $5000 this year. That amounts to a combined yearly tax credit of approximately $2,049.20! You can calculate other amounts at the Canada Revenue website or contact us directly and we’ll help set up a plan that works for you.

Pay your Northern success forward today and help our 20/20 Campaign reach our goal – any amount is appreciated. Thank you!